8th March 2009



DOGS - Mrs Mary Glover-Guest
BITCHES - Mr R Jeff Thomas

Number of Dogs - 162 Number of Entries - 189
Number of Bitches - 176 Number of Entries - 210

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May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, this list is prepared for friends who are interested in show results and I sometimes may make mistakes.

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner

VETERAN DOG - 14 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Petanvale Red Robin JW D 29/05/99 Br Exb Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Petanvale Mona Pugh Mr P & Mrs A Healey
  2. Lindfern Dancing Shadows JW ShCM D 14/11/00 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW- Neraklee Flame Dancer at Lindfern Mrs L S French
  3. Ch Myndoc on a Mission D 10/04/01 Br Exb Joliet Jake of Castlerose - Myndoc Living Doll Mrs J Cooke
  4. Leasbrae Amos Lad JW D 13/06/99 Br Exb The Meadsman at Myriehewe - Leasbrae Ruth's Luv Rev L von Schweinitz
  5. Rannerdale King of the Road at Shandawn D 15/02/01 Br Mrs A A Stafford Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Rannerdale Candy Floss Mr J P & Mrs S Curtis
SPECIAL PUPPY DOG - 16 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Willowtarn Time to Boogie D 03/05/08 Br Exh Ch Evad Summer Shadow JW - Willowtarn Twice as Nice Mrs R E Crossley
  2. Lythwood Scooby Doo D 16/04/08 Br Exb Ch Lythwood Sacha JW - Lythwood Stylist Mr D Rigby
  3. Stevlyn Coppersmith at Malaroc D 07/01/08 Br Mr & Mrs D Stott Exbury Oberon - Keltihope Summer Breeze of Stevlyn JW Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  4. Mossvale Snowy Morning D 09/10/07 Br Exb Mossvale Sheltered Cove - Mossvale Silver Sky Mrs R Clubley
  5. Peerieglen Piper D 01/03/08 Br J Diment Ch Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Peerieglen Pearl JW Mrs C Harrison
SPECIAL JUNIOR DOG - 12 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Tri To Die For At Shellamoyed D 20/12/07 Br Mrs J Sainsbury Shellthorn Moonshiner At Shellmoyed - Wensley Pure Red Rose Mrs D Fisher
  2. Viewdale Patrol Dancer D 14/10/07 Br Exb Arcot Snow Patrol - Viewdale Suki Dancer Mr I Isdale
  3. Japaro Celtic Design for Hartmere D 28/09/07 Br Mr & Mrs J Nixon Ch Japaro By Design - Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro Mr M & Mrs C Hart
  4. Edglonian Singin The Blues D 24/11/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Night Force - Ch Edglonian Kiss 'N' tell Miss D Pearson
  5. Kelgrove Shaded Dreams D 9/10/07 Br Mrs J Reynolds Evaldos Quintessential - Kelgrove Karousel Mr R P & Mrs I Y Woodward
YEARLING DOG - 20 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Lythwood Starlight Express D 26/07/2007 Br Exb Lythwood Sacha JW - Lythwood Shakira Mr D Rigby
  2. Quashee High Class O'Pinion JW D 06/06/07 Br Exb NNED CH Qhashee Cheeky Joker - Quashee By Versailles Mrs M P Van Poppel Mrs M P Van Poppple
  3. Heathers Hill King Driek Ducati D 29/07/06 Br Exb Ch Dippersmore Dignified - Heathers Hill Queen Kawa Saki Mrs M JJ De Koning-van Reit
  4. Dukeson Mi Amigo JW ShCM D 20/03/07 Br Exh Ch Evad Summer Shadow JW - Dukeson Malika Miss B Straw
  5. Daisyway Deception of Amethrickeh D 03/04/07 Br Mrs J Charlton Amethrickeh Appartion - Daiseyway Pandora's Melody Mrs H M Bendelow
UNDERGRADUATE DOG - 25 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Colmae Captivating Casper D 14/04/07 Br Exb Chelmarsh Firecraker - Colmae Careless Dreams Mrs M Collett
  2. Rannerdale The Codebreaker at Rickthorn D 03/02/07 Br Miss C J Stafford Rannerdale The Timewarp - Ch Rannerdale Angel O' The North Messrs J C & A Griffiths
  3. Snabswood Soulmate D 25/07/06 Br Exb Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Snabswood Soncy Mrs J Fitzsimons
  4. Danrobien Midas Touch At Spencerian D 12/01/07 Br Mrs Davison Ch Japaro By Design - Madaneb Minha Moca Mr M A R & Miss A M L Spence
  5. Briggsview Jack Frost at Milesend D 30/05/07 Br Mrs U Briggs Ch Milesend Nightforce - Briggsview Pipes of Peace Mrs J Miles
GRADUATE DOG - 13 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Tuffeigha Moonweaver D 27/08/07 Br Exb Blenmerrow Likes to Rock 'N' Roll - Tuffeigha Flamenco Moon Mr D W & Mrs J Russell
  2. Nethercroft Perfect Storm by Penrave JW D 24/06/07 Br Mrs M Buck Penrave Perfect Royal - Nethercroft Stormkissed Mrs J Scott
  3. Lianbray Lighting Strike JW D 27/09/06 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Terriwood Summer Timegiirl at Lianbray Mrs G Bray
  4. Carolelen Courting Trouble at Glenthistle D 26/04/07 Br Mrs C Trueman Ch Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Carolelen Call Me Madam Mr D J & Mrs C A Woodward
  5. Dukeson Mi Amigo JW ShCM D 20/03/07 Br Exh Ch Evad Summer Shadow JW - Dukeson Malika Miss B Straw
POST GRADUATE DOG - 12 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge JW D 08/03/06 Br Mrs K Cooper Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa Mrs C Aaron
  2. Rannerdale Time Traveller JW D 03/02/07 Miss C J Stafford Rannerdale The Time Warp - Ch Rannerdale Angel Of The North JW Miss C J Stafford
  3. Evad Dream Stone of Lochkaren JW D 09/11/05 Br Mr & Mrs D Weller Willowtarn Tokai - Evad Sommer Dreams Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
  4. Blazefield Hard Rock Cafe At Edglonian (imp swe) D 26/06/06 br Miss C Jansson & Miss K Johansson Swe Ch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lockaren - Blazefield Delicious Bite Miss D Pearson
  5. Amethrickeh Wish Catcher at Ludjenka ShCM D 12/10/06 Br Mrs H Bendelow Amethrickeh Make a Star - Amethrckeh Eyecatcher Mr R L & Mrs S Davies
MID LIMIT DOG - 18 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Keltihope Holly's Summer Son D 08/07/05 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Keltihope Holly Berry Mrs J P Chaplin
  2. Rannerdale Bugsy Malone D 04/02/07 Br C Stafford Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Rannerdale Lady Madona Mrs A A Stafford
  3. Emmaview Gold Dollar D 08/06/05 Br Exh Blazecroft O Danny Boy at Emmaview JW - Miss Ambitious Miss C A Whitchurch
  4. Shemist Goldmine for Shelridge JW D 10/11/05 Br Mrs S Stock Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Mrs C Aaron
  5. Amethrickeh's Black Prince D 04/03/07 Br Exb Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Orean Highland Princess at Amethrickeh Mrs H M Bendelow
LIMIT DOG - 23 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Degallo The Real Deal JW ShCM D 14/02/07 br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Degallo Look At Me Jw Mrs H D Scott
  2. Japaro Dream Design at Simcourt D 099/11/05 Br Mr & Mrs Nixon Japaro by Design - Japaro Forgotten Dreams Misses F & M Berry
  3. Peerieglen Pickwick JW ShCM D 29/04/05 Br Diment Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Peerieglen Pearl JW Mesdames J & J Diment & Williams
  4. Shellthorn Bobbie Joe at Silkhope D 01/05/04 Br Martin Jaquard You Give Me Fever - Shellthorn String of Pearls Mrs C & Mr C Patient & Gardner
  5. Callart the Flame Thrower D 01/12/02 Br Miss Gwynne-Jones Milesand Made of Money - Milesand Flame Dancer from Callart Ms J C Rutterford
OPEN DOG - 20 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Shadoway Summer Chance JW ShCM D 04/03/05 Br Exh Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Shadoway Rosa Flora Ms M Arnould
  2. Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster D 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy floss Mrs A A Stafford
  3. Ch Kyleburn Titan D 19/02/05 Br Mrs Eaves Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW - Kylburn Aurora Mrs J Pattinson
  4. Ir Ch Myter That's My Goal For Karyshanty D 16/12/05 Br Mrs M Thomas Ch Jacquard You Give Me Fever JW - Myter Almost an Angel Mrs S Mc Donagh
  5. NED CH Quashee Uncovered Glamour Boy D 15/02/03 Br Exb Ned/Int Ch Eastdale Born To Be Clown - Quashee Hi O'Pinion Mrs M V Van Poppel
  1. Lacewood So Special JW D 01/01/05 Br Exh Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lacewood Star Enchantress Mr S & Miss L Z Vidak
  2. Ch Jourdorill The Only One JW Sh.CM D 05/07 06 Br Mr & Mrs Bales Wendisle Country Classic JW Sh CM - Jourdorill Sweet Meadow L & D Sorocky
  3. Ch Joliet Jake Of Castlerose JW Sh.CM D 20/07/98 Br Mr I J W Edwards Ch Iliad Idiot's Delight - Ch Herds is Happiness Mr J E & Mrs J B Edwards
  4. Leasbrae Amos Lad JW D 13/06/99 Br Exb The Meadsman at Myriehewe - Leasbrae Ruth's Luv Rev L von Schweinitz
  5. Danrobien Midas Touch At Spencerian D 12/01/07 Br Mrs Davison Ch Japaro By Design - Madaneb Minha Moca Mr M A R & Miss A M L Spence

DOG CC - Keltihope Holly's Summer Son

DOG RESERVE CC - Degallow The Real Deal JW ShCM

VETERAN BITCH - 16 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Nethercroft Loves Daydream B 12/04/01 Br Exb Nethercroft Jonti - Shatay Love me do at Nethercroft Mrs M Buck
  2. Ch Shelridge Sunshimmer JW B 29/11/99 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Shelridge Hope Springs Mrs C Aaron & Mr & Mrs J Dimmock
  3. Ch/IR Degallo Blond Babe ShCM B 19/10/97 Br Exh Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Degallo Shimera Mr H M Scott
  4. Orean Tartan Teaser B 24/09/99 Br Exb Ch Morestyle Monsoon - Orean Highland Flame Mr S & Mrs M Smith
  5. CH Shaylin Starry Eyed at Blenmerrow B 16/11/99 Br Mrs L Wooshams Blenmerrow Barnaby - Shaylin Sweet Solitaire Mr & Mrs D Lambert
SPECIAL PUPPY BITCH - 17 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Jaelis Mystique Gemstone B 28/04/08 rBr Exb Myndoc Bita Blue - Jaelis Mystique Issabella Mrs A & Mrs M Ritchie
  2. Richmaus Lace In Gold for Rowancrest B 07/05/08 Br Mrs M Hardwick Ch Japaro By Design - Richmaus Hi Am Ruby Mrs D Rowan
  3. Karyshanty Pure Destiny Of Moifara B 19/04/08 Mrs S Mcdonaugh Trixandy Ace of Spades at Karyshanty - Karyshanty Celtic Spirit Miss M Farrell
  4. Terriwood Savannah B 22/03/08 Br Exb Fei Int Fin Est Ch Sheldon Space Joker - Lythwood Sugar Soap at Terriwood Mr T W Attwood
  5. Rannerdale Star of the North B 02/04/08 Br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Ch Rannerdale Angel O' the North Miss C J Stafford
SPECIAL JUNIOR BITCH - 21 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Sonymer Shoe Shuffle B 12/09/07 Be Exb Degallo The Legend - Sonymer Cherry Blossom Mrs A Latimer
  2. Dunbrae Time to Wish B 03/01/08 Br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Auldlyn Beautiful Dreamer with Dunbrae Mrs K M Shovelton
  3. Rannerdale Lady Millicent B 02/04/08 Br Exb Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Lady Madona Miss C J Stafford
  4. Japaro Follow the Dream B 28/09/07 Br Nixon Ch Japaro By Design - Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro Mrs R Smith
  5. Kelgrove Klotted Kream B 09/10/07 Br Exb Evaldos Quintessential - Kelgrove Karousel Mrs J Reynolds
YEARLING BITCH - 23 Entries 5 Absent
  1. Felthorn Diamond Diva B 17/03/07 Br Exb Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Iced Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  2. Lorainian Saving Grace JW B 22/08/07 Br Exb Shadoway Summer Chance - Lorainian Star Celebrity Mrs N L Paterson
  3. Dippersmoor Noir Et Blanch B 21/03/07 Br Exb Anakin Skywalker Jedi des Romarins de Mayerling Mrs B Tunnicliffe
  4. Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika B 04/05/07 Br Miles Milesend Stormwarden - Milesend Calendar Girl Mrs S Robinson
  5. Tolarock Skys Limit B 28/10/07 Br Mrs E Parker Ch Milesend Nightforce - Edglonian Blue Ribbo at Tolarock Mr D Parker
UNDER GRADUATE BITCH - 26 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Shellthorn Solar Storm JW B 03/03/07 Br Mrs S Martin Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Shellthorn Springtime Mrs J Miles
  2. Jacquard Eat Your Heart Out B 26/06/06 br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Jacquard Zari Mrs P C East
  3. Rainlor Rich Girl of Kimarg B 19/07/06 Br Mrs G Partridge Ch Janetstown Jogalong - Rainlor Ramani Mr & Mrs J Whitfield
  4. Samphrey Soul Diva B 06/08/06 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW - Felthorn Inkling for Samphrey Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
  5. Shetlo Follow With Love B 21/06/07 Br Exb Ch Shetlo Dream Lover JW - Shetlo Follow The Rainbow Mrs D H Moore
GRADUATE BITCH - 12 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Keltihope Heaven Sent to Malaroc JW B 28/08/06 Br Mrs J Chaplin Ch Shelridge Wishmaster - Keltihope Odd Socks Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  2. Rowancrest Saphira JW B 03/11/06 Br Mrs D Rowan Milesend Midnight Force - Dunbeck Summer Storm at Rowancrest Mrs D Fisher
  3. Conorvean Figgy Duff B 20/01/07 Br Exb Semitar Bedazzled - Sundark Stay Trew to Conovean Mrs M McCourt
  4. Rivvalee Dark Elegance B 30/06/05 Br Wyse Francehill Total Eclipse - Molson Maraschino at Rivvalee Mr B & Mrs B Munro
  5. Juxondale Anthemis of Eilnworb B 13/05/06 br Perkins Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Juxondale Spirit of Willow the Wisp Mrs H Moir
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 15 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Bramblecroft Blue Moon at Glencharm JW B 02/04/06 Br Mrs M Smith Glencharm Devil Moon - Shellthorn Mirage at Bramblecroft Mrs V M Thompson
  2. Shemist Summer Sunset B 10/11/05 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Class Mrs S Stock
  3. Sundark Surprised JW B 10/09/05 Br Exb Malaroc The Master Clown - Sundark Snow Saphia Mrs S Hirst
  4. Orean Angel Eyes B 28/02/05 Br Exb Orean Freeloader JW - Orean High Fidelity Mr S & Mrs M Smith
  5. Casheldor Madam Butterfly B 25/11/05 Br Exb Ch Seavall Benedict at Neraklee - Casheldor Belinda Blue Mrs F A Plowman
MID LIMIT BITCH - 21 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Keltihope Summer Breeze at Stevlyn JW B 08/97/05 Br Mrs J Chaplin Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Keltihope Holly Berry Mr & Mrs D Stott
  2. Shetlo Island of Love B 24/08/03 Br Exb Duchnesnay Raindancer - Ch Shetlo Island of Dreams Mrs D H Moore
  3. Briggsview Camper Girl B 09/10/04 br Exh Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Briggsview Pipes of Peace Mrs U Briggs
  4. Milesend Calender Girl B 07/02/04 br Exb Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Milesend Spinning Jenny Mrs J Miles
  5. Baishel a Reason to Dream JW B 10/03/06 be Exb Myriehewe Night Sky - Ch Baishel Follow the Dream Miss D Bartholomew
LIMIT BITCH - 22 Entries 7 Absent
  1. Tolarock Mumma Mia B 06/06/05 Br Exh Int Fin Swed Lit Est Ch Shelgate Midnight Magic - Edglonain Blue Ribbon Ms E Y Parker
  2. Penrave Princess Royal JW B 21/02/05 Br Exh Penrave Perfect Royal - Evad Pearl Shadows Mrs J Scott
  3. Ardlyn Rosie O'Grady at Iliad B 06/09/01 Br Mr & Mrs N McDade Ardlyn Darby O'Gill - Ardlyn Blue Jade Miss a & Mrs Lycett
  4. Evad Magic Saphire at Lianbray B 03/11/05 Mr & Mrs D Weller Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Evad Magic Pearles Mrs G Bray
  5. Milesend Most Appealing B 20/02/06 Br Exb Milesend Skywalker - Burnmist Storm Lily of Milesend Mrs J Miles
OPEN BITCH - 20 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Ch Eljetia Queen Bee B 01/10/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Ch Milesend Storm Queen Mrs J Parkes
  2. Ch Janetstown Jeana B 05/11/02 Br Exb Blenmerrow Rum and Black at Arlanvic - Ch Janetstown Josephina JW Mrs J Moody
  3. Ch Rannerdale Angel O' The North JW B 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy Floss Miss C Stafford
  4. Ch Francehill Icemaiden JW B, 01/12/03, br Exb, Jacquard You Give Me Fever - Francehill Made of Ice, Mrs M Norman.
  5. Ch Sanscott Juliet for Petanvale JW B 14/02/05 Br Mrs S A Moore Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Shellyvales Lady Valentine at Sanscott Mr P & Mrs A Healey
  1. Auberswell Amber Nectar B 08/11/02 Br Exb Lythwood Sixsmith - Apsledene Orange Blossom of Auberswell Mrs D & Mrs J Farley & John
  2. Sundark Surprised JW B 10/09/05 Br Exb Malaroc The Master Clown - Sundark Snow Saphia Mrs S Hirst
  3. Glensanda Genevieve JW B 27/03/04 Br Mrs S Powell Ch Glensanda Gulfstreamer - Greenfingered of Glensanda Mrs M F Deveson
  4. Conorvean Poll Brandy at Lowenek B 04/11/03 br Mrs M McCourt Blenmerow Barnaby - Semitar Spicketty at Conorvean Ms E J & Me E J Mitchell & Fiddock
  5. Calambray Calynda at Lindfern B 15/06/03 Br Mrs C Perkins Shelridge Flashdance - Calambray Charlene Mrs L French

BITCH CC - Keltihope Summer Breeze At Stevlyn JW

BITCH RESERVE CC - Sonymer Shoe Shuffle

BEST OF BREED - Keltihope Summer Breeze At Stevlyn JW

BEST PUPPY - Willowtarn Time to Boogie

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