8th March 2008



DOGS - Mr M Hart
BITCHES - Mrs D Moore

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May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, this list is prepared for friends who are interested in show results and I sometimes may make mistakes.

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner

VETERAN DOG - 12 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Petanvale Red Robin JW D 29/05/99 Br Exb Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Petanvale Mona Pugh Mr P & Mrs A Healey
  2. Silent Whisper D 29/09/00 Br Exb Japaro D' Joker of Sommerville - Thorntonhall Magic Stepps Mr S Proctor
  3. Lirren Footlight at Auberswell ShCM D 14/12/99 Br Mrs L French Forestland Footman - Lirren Highlight Mesdames D & G Farley & John
  4. Chelmarsh Chauffer D 02/03/01 Br Mrs L A Porter Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Chelmarsh Charming Ways Mrs A Hunt
  5. Corinden Mista Midnite With Omebrid Sh.CM D 07/10/97 Br Fotheroy Omebrid Black is Black - Cresteak Country Velvet at Corinden Miss D v & Mrs M E Greenwood
SPECIAL PUPPY DOG - 15 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Degallo The Real Deal D 14/02/07 br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Degallo Look At Me Jw Mrs H D Scott
  2. Mistmere Night Wind To Shelridge D 13/01/07 Br S E harries Clanavon Sirocco From Mistmere - Mistmere Windflower Mrs C Aaron
  3. Rannerdale Mugsy Malone D 04/02/07 Br Miss C J Stafford Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Lady Madonna Mrs A A Stafford
  4. Dukeson Mi Amigo D 20/03/07 Br Exh Ch Evad Summer Shadow JW - Dukeson Malika Miss B Straw
  5. Colmae Captivating Casper D 14/04/07 Br Exb Chelmarsh Firecraker - Colmae Careless Dreams Mrs M Collett
SPECIAL JUNIOR DOG - 13 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Rannerdale Time Traveller D 03/02/07 Miss C J Stafford Rannerdale The Time Warp - Ch Rannerdale Angel Of The North JW Miss C J Stafford
  2. Lianbray Lighting Strike D 27/09/06 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Terriwood Summer Timegiirl at Lianbray Mrs G Bray
  3. Dukeson Mi Amigo D 20/03/07 Br Exh Ch Evad Summer Shadow JW - Dukeson Malika Miss B Straw
  4. Lirren Night Games at Auberswell JW D 06/10/06 Br Mrs L French Ch Lirren That's Magic - Lirren Night Nurse Mrs D & Mrs G Farley & John
  5. Beechmere the Bandleader with Mohnesee D 21/09/06 Br Mr & Mrs A Dunn Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Beechmere Band of Gold Mrs K E Hateley
YEARLING DOG - 21 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Japaro Eye of the Storm D 09/07/06 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Japaro Edged With Silk Mr J E & mrs M Nixon
  2. Jourdorill The Only One JW Sh.CM D 05/07 06 Br Mr & Mrs Bales Wendisle Country Classic JW Sh CM - Jourdorill Sweet Meadow L & D Sorocky
  3. Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge JW D 08/03/06 Br Mrs K Cooper Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa Mrs C Aaron
  4. Blazefiled Hard Rock Cafe At Edglonian (imp swe) D 26/06/06 br Miss C Jansson & Miss K Johansson Swe Ch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lockaren - Blazefield Delicious Bite Miss D Pearson & Mrs M Axi
  5. Rainway Ocean Wave D 09/03/06 Br Mrs D l Barnett Ch Seavall Benedict at Neraklee - Seavall Tabitha for Rainway Mrs N E & Miss K N Armitage
UNDERGRADUATE DOG - 14 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Thorntonhall Storm Runner D 10/01/06 Br Exb Mohnesse Bandmaster JW - Thorntonhall Firefly Mrs S Friel
  2. Japaro Dream Design at Simcourt D 099/11/05 Br Mr & Mrs Nixon Japaro by Design - Japaro Forgotten Dreams Misses F & M Berry
  3. Amour De Jeunesse-Tiger Des Romarins De Mayerling D 09/11/05 Br Altier Sandrine Int Ch Valerina Ross Luxemburg - Vanille Coco Girl Des Romarins De Mayerling Mme S & M P Altier & Bohn
  4. Colmae Cinnamon Spice D 24/01/06 Br Mrs M Collett Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Colmae Careless Dreams Mr & Mrs N Purcell
  5. Sandstar Rocket Man At Hillswick D 30/07/05 Br Miss M R Kingsnorth Mendipmist Christmas Star - Sandstar Dancing Dewdrop Mr F L kedward Mr F L Kedward
GRADUATE DOG - 13 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Lythwood Sharp Shooter D 08/02/06 Br Exb Ch Lythwood Shalako - Lythwood Scarlet Ribbon Mr D Rigby
  2. Shemist Goldmine for Shelridge JW D 10/11/05 Br Mrs S Stock Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Mrs C Aaron
  3. Shadoway Summer Chance JW D 04/03/05 Br Exh Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Shadoway Rosa Flora Ms M Arnould
  4. Evad Dream Stone of Lochkaren JW D 09/11/05 Br Mr & Mrs D Weller Willowtarn Tokai - Evad Sommer Dreams Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
  5. Shelridge Star Chaser D 05/10/04 Br Mrs C Aaron Shelridge Socrates - Shelridge Starshine Mrs P E P Hannam
POST GRADUATE DOG - 16 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Snabswood Swagman at Kencriss D 20/03/04 br J Fitzsimons Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Snabswood Sonsy Mr K R & Mrs C Mason
  2. Clanavon Sirocco from Mistmere JW D 19/08/05 Br Mrs R Greaves Ch Mistmere Wind Storm - Clanavon Pippadee Mrs S Harries Sky - Maryville Warrior Princess Miss C White
  3. Amethrickeh Apparition D 12/11/05 Br Exb Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Amethrickeh's Magic Mirror Mrs H M Bendelow
  4. Keltihope Holly's Summer Son D 08/07/05 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Keltihope Holly Berry Mrs J P Chaplin
  5. Peerieglen Pickwick JW D 29/04/05 Br Diment Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Peerieglen Pearl JW Mesdames J & J Diment & Williams
MID LIMIT DOG - 17 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Kyleburn Titan D 19/02/05 Br Mrs Eaves Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW - Kylburn Aurora Mrs J Pattinson
  2. Harribrae Haytime JW D 12/04/05 Br Exb Harribrae Harrier - Harribrae Halfa Sixpence Mrs N E Wheeler
  3. Callart the Flame Thrower D 01/12/02 Br Miss Gwynne-Jones Milesand Made of Money - Milesand Flame Dancer from Callart Ms J C Rutterford
  4. Daisyway the Mesmerist D 20/07/05 Br Exb Sterndale Moon Illusion at Amethrikeh - Wendisle Irish melody at Daisyway Mrs J Charlton
  5. Melneg Sea of Gold at Fernfrey D 24/03/05 Br Garvey Cresteak Call Me Bond of Fernfrey - Melneg Starlight Mrs I V Saunders
LIMIT DOG - 10 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Sheleena Seabiscuit D 27/09/03 Br Exb Rowancrest Royal Ransom at Sheleena - Elanmore Gold Touch at Sheleena Mrs P & Mr K I Crossley
  2. Ranndale The Time Warp D 30/01/05 Br Exh Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Sheer Velvet Mrs A A Stafford
  3. Mendipmist Summer Knight D 06/06/04 br Exh Blenmerrow Rum & Black at Arlanvic - Mendipmist Rosie Glow Mrs J Bull
  4. Nethercroft Lovable Imp at Shatay JW D 24/10/03 br Mrs M Buck Shatay Della's Little Fella - Nethercroft Sweet September Mrs A & Mrs V Shaw & Saunders
  5. Lizmark Look This Way JW D 22/07/05 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Lizmark Rember Me Mrs G M Hull
OPEN DOG - 27 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Ch/INT/NOR Edglonian the Real McCoy D 28/03/01 Br Exb Edglonian Strolling Nomad - Ch Edglonian Miss Sofisticated Mr F H Olsen
  2. Ch Japaro By Design D 06/05/04 Br Exb Degallo The Legend - Ch Japaro Song 'N' Dance Mr & Mrs J E Nixon
  3. Ch Milesend Night Force D 24/05/05 Miss M Benstead Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Milesend Midnight Storm At Benravia Mrs J Miles
  4. Ch Francehill Total Eclipse D 06/04/03 Br Exb Ch Morestyle Monsoon - Drumcauchlie Finewood of Francehill Mrs M Norman
  5. Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster D 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy floss Mrs A A Stafford
  1. Lacewood Surreal for Auberswell JW D 20/09/03 Br Miss L Vidak Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lacewood Star Enchantress Mrs D & Mrs G Farley & John
  2. Mendipmist Summer Knight D 06/06/04 br Exh Blenmerrow Rum & Black at Arlanvic - Mendipmist Rosie Glow Mrs J Bull
  3. Lacewood So Special JW D 01/01/05 Br Exh Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lacewood Star Enchantress Mr S & Miss L Z Vidak
  4. Sherbondale Dream Lover D 15/07/99 Br T Leader Ch Myriehewe Entrepreneur JW - Sherbondale Secret Love Miss J Quilliam
  5. Leasbrae Amos Lad JW D 13/06/99 Br Exb The Meadsman at Myriehewe - Leasbrae Ruth's Luv Rev L von Schweinitz

DOG CC - Ch/INT/NOR Edglonian the Real McCoy

DOG RESERVE CC - Sheleena Seabiscuit

VETERAN BITCH - 25 Entries 6 Absent
  1. Ch Shelridge Sunshimmer JW B 29/11/99 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Shelridge Hope Springs Mrs C Aaron & Mr & Mrs J Dimmock
  2. Malaroc Morangie JW B 11/11/00 Br Exb Keltihope Knockando at Stevlyns - Malaroc Maid of Dance Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  3. Ch Milesend Storm Queen B 13/11/98 Br Mrs J Miles Ch Milesend Storm Warden - Milesend Dancing Oueen; Mrs J Parkes
  4. Brettsglade Fiery Fantasy At Bralive B 04/12/98 Br J Turoin & J Worthington Kimarg Likely Lad - Beechmere Betrothed to Brettsglade Mrs M Godson
  5. Ch & Ir Ch Myter Reach For The Moon B 04/07/00 Br Exb Penrave Phyilstar - Myter Almost an Angel Mrs M & Miss S Thomas
SPECIAL PUPPY BITCH - 13 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika B 04/05/07 Br Miles Milesend Stormwarden - Milesend Calendar Girl Mrs S Robinson
  2. Mountland Mystical Maid B 11/04/07 Br Exb Exbury Oberon - Mountland Morning Aurora Mrs J Warnes
  3. Felthorn Diamond Diva B 17/03/07 Br Exb Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Iced Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  4. Dippersmoor Noir Et Blanch B 21/03/07 Br Exb Anakin Skywalker Jedi des Romarins de Mayerling Mrs B Tunnicliffe
  5. Shellthorn Solar Storm B 03/03/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Shellthorn Springtime Mrs S M Martin
SPECIAL JUNIOR BITCH - 17 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Bleatarn Cilla's Dream B 13/12/06 br Ehb Int Ch Lundecochs Xit From Hell - Myriehewe Cilla Blue At Bleatarn Mr C D Rule
  2. Jefsfire Blackberry B 26/10/06 Br Exb Jefsfire Head Waiter at Gemway - Jefsfire Blue Ribbon Mr & Mrs K & A Jeffries
  3. Rowancrest Saphira JW B 03/11/06 Br Mrs D Rowan Milesend Midnight Force - Dunbeck Summer Storm at Rowancrest Mrs D Fisher
  4. Omebrid Jewel B 07/10/06 br Greenwood Esstremere Tri For A Star - Omebrid Exquisite Blue Mrs P Baker
  5. Eljetia Be My Valentine D 14/02/07 br Mrs J Parkes Ch Laparo By DEsign - Ch Eljetia Queen Bee Mrs M F Deveson annerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Lady Penelope Mrs M Mooney
YEARLING BITCH - 16 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Bramblecroft Blue Moon at Glencharm B 02/04/06 Br Mrs M Smith Glencharm Devil Moon - Shellthorn Mirage at Bramblecroft Mrs V M Thompson
  2. Rainelor Rosabella JW B 19/07/06 Br Exb Ch Janetstown Jogalong - Rainlor Ramani Mrs G Partridge
  3. Pacarane Polar Ice Magic B 12/03/06 Br Exb Jonygray Black Magic - Stormyisles Midnight Blue for Pacarane Mrs P M Laversuch
  4. Karmidale Kindred Spirit B 22/04/06 Br Exb Ch Melveen Blenmerrow Making Waves - Shelridge Summer Laughter at Karmidale Mr M & Mrs K Costelloe
  5. Shenachie Isabella Tiger B 12/08/06 Br Exb Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Shenachie Ruby Tiger Mrs K A Main
UNDER GRADUATE BITCH - 14 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Shemist Summer Sunset B 10/11/05 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Class Mrs S Stock
  2. Jacquard Eat Your Heart Out B 26/06/06 br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Jacquard Zari Mrs P C East
  3. Lianbray Little Ms Dynamite B 25/12/05 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Forlindon Golden Girl of Glensanda Mrs G Bray
  4. Duchesnay Loves Refrain For Canderside B 07/05/06 Br Mrs M Raymond Duchesnay Midnight Mists - Richmaus Blue Eyes of Duchnesnay Ms M Gemmell
  5. Rannerdale Amazing Grace B 07/06/06 Bd Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Rannerdale Ldy Madonna Miss C J Stafford
GRADUATE BITCH - 20 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Callart the Glowing Flames B 01/12/02 Br Miss Gwynne-Jones Milesand Made of Money - Milesand Flame Dancer from Callart Ms J C Rutterford
  2. Carolelen Cause a Scene B 03/09/05 Br Exb Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Carolelen Call Me madam Mrs C Trueman
  3. Orean Angel Eyes B 28/02/05 Br Exb Orean Freeloader JW - Orean High Fidelity Mr S & Mrs M Smith
  4. Keltihope Heaven Sent to Malaroc JW B 28/08/06 Br Mrs J Chaplin Ch Shelridge Wishmaster - Keltihope Odd Socks Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  5. Kamarlee Laiderette Whispa B 11/06/05 Br Exh Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Kamarlee Laiderette Mandie Mrs A M Bridge
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 14 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Viewdale Lap Dancer B 08/04/05 Br Exb Japaro Special Agent - Viewdale Solo Dancer Mr I Isdale
  2. Evad Magic Saphire at Lianbray B 03/11/05 Mr & Mrs D Weller Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Evad Magic Pearles Mrs G Bray
  3. Maryville Pollyanna at Shatay B 03/03/05 Br Mr J Hughes Ch Shatay Della's Little Fella - Maryville Northern Star Mrs A Shaw
  4. Mohnesee Dolly Belle JW B 3/12/04 br Exb Ch Thorntonhall Thunder - Mohnesee She's Magic Mrs K E Hateley
  5. Ballygores Bett at Pepperhill B 07/01/03 Br Mrs N Varley Pepperhill Drummer Boy - Watchwood Toil and Trouble Mrs M & Miss S Daniells & Taylor
MID LIMIT BITCH - 25 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Chelmarsh Finish-n-Touch B 07/05/02 Br A Porter Ch Janetstown Jogalong - Chelmarsh Charming Ways Mrs W Ashby
  2. Seavall Stevie JW B 17/03/04 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Seavall Silk Mrs J & Mr E Hardman & Robinson
  3. Chasin Rainbows at Carolelen B 07/12/00 Br Harkness Milesend Stroller - Carolelen Classical Mrs C A Trueman
  4. Auberswell Amber Nectar B 08/11/02 Br Exb Lythwood Sixsmith - Apsledene Orange Blossom of Auberswell Mrs D & Mrs J Farley & John
  5. Tighness Tennessee Waltz B 29/03/02 Br Exb Shaylin Moonlight Echo - Stornaway Sundance at Tighness Mrs L Whittington,
LIMIT BITCH - 16 Entries 5 Absent
  1. Glensanda Genevieve JW B 27/03/04 Br Mrs S Powell Ch Glensanda Gulfstreamer - Greenfingered of Glensanda Mrs M F Deveson
  2. Terriwood Summertime Girl at Lianbray B 03/06/04 Br Attwood Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lythwood Spritzer at Terriwood Mrs G Bray
  3. Felthorn Icicle B 24/05/04 Br Exh Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Ice Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornleyh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Edglonian Blue Ribbon Miss D Pearson
  4. Valjon Dusted by Starlight B 28/01/01 Br Exb Sheltam Golden Star - Valjon Special Kay Mr J & Mrs V A Woolley
  5. Shellsu Little Miss La Di Da JW B 15/05/04 br Exh Sterndale Moon Illusion of Amethrickeh - Ericsway Friend of a Friend Mrs M Haigh
OPEN BITCH - 17 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Ketim Kizmet B 22/03/03 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Myter Rainbows End Mrs R Morrison
  2. Ch Eljetia Queen Bee B 01/10/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Ch Milesend Storm Queen Mrs J Parkes
  3. Ch Tighness Three Steps T'Heav'n JW B 24/09/04 br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Milesand Step into Tighness Mrs L Whittington
  4. Janetstown Joyful B 12/04/00 Br Mrs J Moody Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Princes Jaquie of Janetstown Mrs K Rodwell
  5. Ch Katiedale Sugar N Spice B 01/07/01 Br Exb Ch Myriehewe Entrepreneur JW - Katiedale First Bloom Miss C A Nabbs
  1. Ch Tighness Three Steps T'Heav'n JW B 24/09/04 br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Milesand Step into Tighness Mrs L Whittington
  2. Lacewood Star Enchantress B 03/04/00 Br Exb Marklin Ensign at Lythwood - Beechmere Bequeathed to Lacewood Mr S & Miss L Z Vidak
  3. Balidorn Making Mischief for Mistyisle, B, 15/09/00, Br Mrs M E Botham, Balidorn Rolled Oats - Mountford Mischief, Miss K & Mrs G Venton.
  4. Mendipmist Rosie Glow B 30/06/01 Br Exh Mendipmist Golden Glow - Mendipmist Christmas Rose Mrs J Bull
  5. Juxondale Anthemis of Eilnworb B 13/05/06 br Perkins Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Juxondale Spirit of Willow the Wisp Mrs H Moir

BITCH CC - Ketim Kizmet

BITCH RESERVE CC - Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika

BEST OF BREED - Ketim Kizmet

BEST PUPPY - Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika

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