CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 14th June 2008



Mrs Marion Ten Cate

No of Entries 211

No of Dogs 184

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My thanks to Doreen Greenhill for letting me have a marked catalogue
May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, this list is prepared for friends who are interested in show results and I sometimes may make mistakes.

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner

MINOR PUPPY DOG - 6 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Edglonian Singin the Blues D 24/11/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Night Force - Ch Edglonian Kiss 'N' tell Miss D Pearson
  2. Viewdale Patrol Dancer D 14/10/07 Br Exb Arcot Snow Patrol - Viewdale Suki Dancer Mr I Isdale
  3. Emmaview Firecracker D 02/11/07 Br Exb Emmaview Gold Dollar Miss C A Whitchurch
  4. Cresteak Celtic Knight D 04//11/07 Br Exb Cresteak Celtic Laird - Cresteak Charmain Mr E W * Mrs C Ball
  5. Danrobien Supernatural D 12/11/07 Br Exb Myriehewe A Touch Of Class - Danrobien Eternal Summer Mrs S Davison
PUPPY DOG - 4 Entries 0 Absent

  1. Nethercroft Perfect Storm D 24/06/07 Br Mrs M Buck Penrave Perfect Royal - Nethercroft Stormkissed Mrs J Scott
  2. Drumcauchlie Two Tone D 08/08/07 Br Exb Ch Francehill Total Eclipse - Drumcauchlie Petrova Miss S Sangster
  3. Degallo The Magical Spirit D 29/07/07 Br Scott Degallo The Legend JW - Ardlyn Passing Cloud over Degallo Mr R & Mrs G Houston
  4. Rainway Rhythm Rascal D 18/06/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - SeavalTabitha for Rainway Mr L C & Mrs D L Barnett
  5. -
JUNIOR DOG - 9 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Degallo The Real Deal D 14/02/07 br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Degallo Look At Me Jw Mrs H D Scott
  2. Mistmere Night Wind To Shelridge D 13/01/07 Br S E harries Clanavon Sirocco From Mistmere - Mistmere Windflower Mrs C Aaron
  3. Sommerville Mr Nice Guy D 27/04/07 Br Exb Ch Shenachie Starling - Sommerville Try A Bit O Magic Mr M J Ewing
  4. Rannerdale Bugsy Malone D 04/02/07 Br C Stafford Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Rannerdale Lady Madona Mrs A A Stafford
  5. Glaistig Lionheart's Gold at Fernfrey D 11/04/07 br Kerry Melneg Sea Of Gold At Fernfrey - Cresteak Crystal Charm at Glaistig Mrs V Saunders
YEARLING DOG - 12 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Rannerdale Time Traveller D 03/02/07 Miss C J Stafford Rannerdale The Time Warp - Ch Rannerdale Angel Of The North JW Miss C J Stafford
  2. Blazefield Hard Rock Cafe At Edglonian (imp swe) D 26/06/06 br Miss C Jansson & Miss K Johansson Swe Ch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lockaren - Blazefield Delicious Bite Miss D Pearson
  3. Mohnesee Musical Illusion JW D 22/01/07 bd Exb Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Mohnesee Bewitched Mrs K Hately
  4. Degallo The Likely Lad D 23/02/07 br Exb Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Degallo Legallo Blond Miss L Scott
  5. Longdells Highland Magic D 15/09/06 BrExb The Ambassador for Degallo - Longdells Antique Gold Mr M & Mrs G Bray
GRADUATE DOG - 5 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Shenachie Shades Of Blue D 12/08/06 Mrs K Main Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Shenachie Blue Tiger Mrs A Carter
  2. Ashkirk Charmer D 07/04/06 br Exb Harriebrae Harrier - Sommerville Starlight at Ashkirk Mr M & Miss A Spence
  3. Danrobian Teen Spirit D 28/06/05 Br Mrs Davison Ch Jacquard You Give me Fever JW - Madaneb Minha Moca M A Spence
  4. Murieston Golden Valentino D 05/02/06 Br Ritchie Degallo The Legend JW - Tuffeigha Moonlight Waltz Mr A & Mrs C McIlquham
  5. -
POST GRADUATE DOG - 16 Entries - 2 Absent
  1. Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge JW D 08/03/06 Br Mrs K Cooper Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa Mrs C Aaron
  2. Beechmere the Bandleader with Mohnesee JW D 21/09/06 Br Mr & Mrs A Dunn Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Beechmere Band of Gold Mr J J Law
  3. Cresteak Celtic Laird of Glaistig D 24/11/05 Br E W & C Ball Fernfrey Lionheart - Cresteak Cleapatra's Charm Mrs Y Kerry
  4. Paulhays Flynnan Isle D 24/03/06 Br Exb Ch Highbrook Hi Tec - Paulhays Dellan Isle Mrs P Batten-Jones
  5. Peerieglen Psyche D 19/02/02 Br Exb Peerieglen Percy - Stanmer Black Iris of Peerieglen Mrs J Diment
LIMIT DOG - 16 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Kyleburn Titan D 19/02/05 Br Mrs Eaves Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW - Kylburn Aurora Mrs J Pattinson
  2. Stanydale Trad Jazz D 04/02/01 Br Exb Stanydale Challenger - Stanydale Jive Talk Mrs P A & Mrs M C Stow & Withers
  3. Samphrey Shadow Man ShCM D 11/12/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Samphrey Scotch Mist Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
  4. Lowick Black Pepper D 24/10/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Milesend Nutmeg Mrs P A & Mrs M C Forster & Forster Parish
  5. Snabswood Soulmate D 25/07/06 Br Exb Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Snabswood Soncy Mrs J Fitzsimons
OPEN DOG - 14 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Daisyway the Mesmerist D 20/07/05 Br Exb Sterndale Moon Illusion at Amethrikeh - Wendisle Irish melody at Daisyway Mrs J Charlton
  2. Ch Bleatarn Star Sign JW D 19/03/03 Br Exb Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Bleatarn Silver Star Mr D R & Mrs I A. Rule
  3. Paulhays Aaron Isle D 03/03/04 br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Paulhays Orlan Isle Mrs P Batten-Jones
  4. Highbrook Harlequin D 29/05/02 br Exb Highbrook High-Tec - Herds Heliotrope Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  5. Ch Cresteak Call Me Bond of Fernfrey JW Sh.CM D 30/11/02 Br Ball Fernfrey Lionheart - Cresteak Cover Girl Mrs I V Saunders

DOG CC - Daiseyway the Mesmerist

RESERVE DOG CC - Kyleburn Titan

Best Dog Puppy - Edglonian Singing The Blues

MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 10 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Japaro Designed in Dreams B 28/09/07 Br Exb Ch Japaro By design - Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro Mr & Mrs J E Nixon
  2. Harribrae Hidden Image B 30/10/07 Br Exb Ch Japaro By Design - Harriebrae Half a Sixpence Mrs N E Wheeler
  3. Janetstown Jamalade D 06/11/07 Br xb Sanphrey Shadow Man - Ch Janetstown Jeanna Mrs J Moody
  4. Japaro Follow the Dream B 28/09/07 Br Nixon Ch Japaro By Design - Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro Mrs R
  5. Ivydale Golden Sunset B 30/11/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Ivydale Heidi Girl Mrs C Williams
PUPPY BITCH - 13 Entries ? Absent
  1. Lorainian Saving Grace B 22/08/07 Br Exb Shadoway Summer Chance - Lorainian Star Celebrity Mrs N L Paterson
  2. Shetlo Follow With Love B 21/06/07 Br Exb Ch Shetlo Dream Lover JW - Shetlo Follow The Rainbow Mrs D H Moore
  3. Richmaus Regal Ruby for Rainway B 11/09/07 Br Hardwick Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Japaro Call Me Madam Mrs D L Barnett
  4. Doonelodge Dance Fever B 08/07/07 Br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Doonelodge Dancing Rain Mrs M Glover-Guest
  5. Rivvalee Nocturne B 06/09/07 Brb Exb Myriehewe Class Act - Rivvalee Moondust Mr & Mrs G Wyse
JUNIOR BITCH - 14 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Dunbrae The Frosted Wish B 05/05/07 Br Exb Milesend Nightforce - Dunbrae Enchanted Wish Mrs K M Shovelton
  2. Felthorn Diamond Diva B 17/03/07 Br Exb Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Iced Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  3. Molson Million Dollar Baby B 10/03/07 Br Exb Clanavon Sirroco from Mistmere JW - Aztel April Blossom over Molson Dr J Hill
  4. Stanydale Angelica B 01/01/07 Br Exb Ch Shetlo Dream Lover JW - Stanydale Ginger Spice Mesdames P A Stow & M C Withers
  5. Elanmore Out Of The Blue Via Meadowpark B 25/05/07 Br Mrs N Lee Ch Myndoc On A Mission - Meadowpark Blue Thistle from Elanmore Mesdames Mair & Hamtey-Mair
YEARLING BITCH - 11 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Bleatarn Midnight Whispers B 29/11/06 Br Rule Milesend Nightforce - Bleatarn Silver Whispers Mr D I & Mrs I R Rule
  2. Samphrey Soul Diva B 06/08/06 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW - Felthorn Inkling for Samphrey Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
  3. Kyleash China Star B 14/07/06 Br Exb Clanavon The Highlander At Kyleash - Esstremere Miz Dynamite At Kyleash Mrs G & Miss L Haliday
  4. Jacquard Eat Your Heart Out B 26/06/06 br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Jacquard Zari Mrs P C East
  5. Shenachie Isabella Tiger B 12/08/06 Br Exb Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Shenachie Ruby Tiger Mrs K A Main
GRADUATE BITCH - 11 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Rannerdale Amazing Grace B 07/06/06 Bd Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Rannerdale Ldy Madonna Miss C J Stafford
  2. Black Lace of Ghostland B 27/05/06 Br Miss S Mahoney Maloroc The Master Clown - Lorainian Star Performer Mr & Mrs K Chalke
  3. Baishel a Reason to Dream JW B 10/03/06 be Exb Myriehewe Night Sky - Ch Baishel Follow the Dream Miss D Bartholomew
  4. Madaneb Minha Moca at Danrobien B 26/09/03 Br Mrs S Spence Iliad Image Maker - Herds Harmonic Way Mrs S Dawson
  5. Shenachie Aleagan Or B 29/12/04 Br Mrs K A Main Iliad Image Maker - Shenachie Iomhaigh Miss S Main
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 19 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Arcot Shall We Dance JW B 08/02/05 Br Exh Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Arcot Bridget Jones Mr N J & Mrs T Gartland
  2. Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro B 05/09/05 Br Mr M Hart Japaro Special Agent - Ch Hartmere Hold The Dream Mr & Mrs J E Nixon
  3. Briggsview Camper Girl B 09/10/04 br Exh Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Briggsview Pipes of Peace Mrs U Briggs
  4. Ottaberry Odelia B 27/03/04 Br Exb Ch Forestland the Countryman JW - Ottaberry O'Georgina Mrs P M John
  5. Stanydale Islington B 25/10/03 br Exh Forestland the Countryman - Stanydale Ginger Spice Mrs P A & Mrs M C Stow & Withers
LIMIT BITCH - 21 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Jacquard Cats Whiskers B 10/08/04 br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Jacquard You are a Madam Mrs P C East
  2. Mohnesee More Than a Wish JW B 04/03/05 Br Exh Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Ch Mohnesee Summer Dream Mrs K E Hateley
  3. Penrave Princess Royal JW B 21/02/05 Br Exh Penrave Perfect Royal - Evad Pearl Shadows Mrs J Scott
  4. Rannerdale Lady of the Manor for Shmoon B 01/01/06 Br Stafford Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Lady Penelope Mrs M Mooney
  5. Myter Pie in the Sky JW B 20/01/01 Br Thomas Felthorn Careless Love - Myter Reach for the Moon Mrs M Thomas & Miss S Thomas
OPEN BITCH - 16 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Ch Eljetia Queen Bee B 01/10/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Ch Milesend Storm Queen Mrs J Parkes
  2. Ch Molson Midsomernite's Dream B 08/08/04 br Exh Ch Orean Rainbow Warrior - Molson Midwitch Cuckoo Dr J Hill
  3. Ch Jacquard Call My Bluff JW B 10/08/04 br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Jacquard You are a Madam Mrs P C East
  4. Ch & Ir Ch Myter Reach For The Moon B 04/07/00 Br Exb Penrave Phyilstar - Myter Almost an Angel Mrs M & Miss S Thomas
  5. Ch Shelridge Sunshimmer JW B 29/11/99 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Shelridge Hope Springs Mrs C Aaron & Mr & Mrs J Dimmock

BITCH CC - Ch Eljetia Queen Bee

RESERVE BITCH CC - Lorainian Saving Grace

Best Bitch Puppy - Lorainian Saving Grace

BEST OF BREED - Ch Eljetia Queen Bee

BEST PUPPY - Lorainian Saving Grace

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