CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 25th October 2007


JUDGE - Mr J Thomas

No of Dogs - 192

List prepared by "TonyBridge@shelties.org.uk"
May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, this list is prepared for friends who are interested in show results and I sometimes may make mistakes.

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner

MINOR PUPPY DOG - 7 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Sandwick Revolution B 23/02/07 Br Mrs J Mayhew Sandwick Blue Sky Over Gemette - Sandwick Roulette Mr C Mayhewe
  2. Amethrickeh's Black Prince D 04/03/07 Br Exb Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Orean Highland Princess at Amethrickeh Mrs H M Bendelow
  3. Myriehewe Gordon Bennett D 03/02/07 Br Exb Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Myriehewe Ruby Tuesday Miss I A Beaden
  4. Karmidale Limited Edition to Lanacy D 31/03/07 Br Mr & Mrs Costelloe Ch Shelridge Wishmaster - Karmidale Heaven Scent Mrs Y R Lance
  5. Rannerdale Oliver Twist D 03/02/07 Br Exb Rannerdale The Time Warp - Ch Rannerdale Angel Of The North JW Miss C J Stafford
PUPPY DOG - 6 Entries 1 Absent

  1. Mohnesee Musical Illusion D 22/01/07 bd Exb Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Mohnesee Bewitched Mrs K Hately
  2. Penrave Phenomenal D 18/11/06 Br Exb Penrave Perfect Stranger - Evaldos Symphoney in Blue Mrs J Scott
  3. Coneypark Cotton Sox D 28/11/06 br Exh Jefsfire Happy Wandera - Coneypark Chelsey Mrs S M Beeney
  4. Glaistig Golden Navigator D 11/04/07 Br Exb Melneg Sea of gold - Cresteak Chrystal Charm of Glaistig Mrs Y Kerry
JUNIOR DOG - 10 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Lirren Night Games at Auberswell JW D 06/10/06 Br Mrs L French Ch Lirren That's Magic - Lirren Night Nurse Mrs D & Mrs G Farley & John
  2. Tachnamadra The Designer 15/06/06 Br Exb Ch Japaro By Design - Tachnamadra Timeless Mrs M Bywater
  3. Jefsfire Story Teller D 16/10/06 Br Exb Jefsfire Happy Wandera - Jefsfire Ready Mad Mr A & Mrs K Jeffries
  4. Jourdorill The Only One JW Sh.CM D 05/07 06 Br Mr & Mrs Bales Wendisle Country Classic JW Sh CM - Jourdorill Sweet Meadow L & D Sorocky
  5. Lianbray Lighting Strike D 27/09/06 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Terriwood Summer Timegiirl at Lianbray Mrs G Bray
YEARLING DOG - 11 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Chelmarsh Flash Back to Sheldamar D 17/03/06 Br Mrs L A Porter Shelamar Simon - Caledonain Morning Mist Mrs M G Penwarne
  2. Lythwood Sharp Shooter D 08/02/06 Br Exb Ch Lythwood Shalako - Lythwood Scarlet Ribbon Mr D Rigby
  3. Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge JW D 08/03/06 Br Mrs K Cooper Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa Mrs C Aaron
  4. Japaro Dream Design at Simcourt D 099/11/05 Br Mr & Mrs Nixon Japaro by Design - Japaro Forgotten Dreams Misses F & M Berry
  5. Lianbray Lighting Strike D 27/09/06 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Terriwood Summer Timegiirl at Lianbray Mrs G Bray
POST GRADUATE DOG - 19 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Shemist Goldmine for Shelridge JW D 10/11/05 Br Mrs S Stock Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Mrs C Aaron
  2. Mohnesee Time Keeper JW D 04/09/04 Br Exh Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Mohnesee Time to Believe Mr & Mrs R Greenhill
  3. Semitar Bedazzled D 12/09/05 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Semitar Special Spice Mr E & Mrs T Cushley
  4. Lacewood Surreal for Auberswell JW D 20/09/03 Br Miss L Vidak Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lacewood Star Enchantress Mrs D & Mrs G Farley & John
  5. Goldwell Celtic Warrior D 09/02/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Goldwell Magical Velvet Mr K & Mrs J Biswell
LIMIT DOG - 21 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Daisyway the Mesmerist D 20/07/05 Br Exb Sterndale Moon Illusion at Amethrikeh - Wendisle Irish melody at Daisyway Mrs J Charlton
  2. Shetlo River Island D 24/08/03 Br Exh Duchesnay Raindancer - Shetlo Island of Dreams Mrs D H Moore
  3. Ranndale The Time Warp D 30/01/05 Br Exh Ch Rannerdale Ghost Buster - Rannerdale Sheer Velvet Mrs A A Stafford
  4. Shellsu Prince Solo D 15/12/04 Br Exh Sterndale Moon Illusion of Amethrickeh - Ericsway Sweet Marina Mrs M Haigh
  5. Jefsfire Happy Wandera D 24/02/04 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Jefsfire Gift of Gold Mr & Mrs AT Jeffries
OPEN DOG - 12 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Highbrook Harlequin D 29/05/02 br Exb Highbrook High-Tec - Herds Heliotrope Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  2. Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW D 03/05/02 Br Exb Moonlight Black Magic - Felthorn Muscari with Mohnesee Mrs K Hateley
  3. Beechmere Bear Necessity at Iliad D 30/04/02 Br Exb Ruscombe Play the Piper - Ch Iliad Isadorable at Beechmere Mrs J & Miss A Lycett
  4. Int Nord Fin EST Ch Sheldon Space Joker D 14/07/01 br Exb Nor Ch Kindergate The Joker - Conspirol Space Flower Mrs K Lundin Andersson
  5. Dukeson Harlequin D 04/08/03 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Dukeson Sheer Fantasy Miss B Straw

DOG CC - Daisyway the Mesmerist

DOG RESERVE CC - Chelmarsh Flash Back to Sheldamar

MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 15 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Felthorn Diamond Diva B 17/03/07 Br Exb Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Iced Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  2. Amethrickeh Dream Vision B 02/03/07 Br Exb Amethrickeh Apparition - Drumcauchlie Tamarisk At Amethrickeh Mrs H M Bendelow
  3. Molson Move Over Darling B 10/03/0 Br Exb Clanavon Sirrocco For Mistmere - Aztel AprilBlossom Over Molson Dr J Hill
  4. Dippersmoor Noir Et Blanch B 21/03/07 Br Exb Anakin Skywalker Jedi des Romarins de Mayerling Mrs B Tunnicliffe
  5. Shellthorn Solar Storm B 03/03/07 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Shellthorn Springtime Mrs S M Martin
PUPPY BITCH - 9 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Conorvean Figgy Duff B 20/01/07 Br Exb Semitar Bedazzled - Sundark Stay Trew to Conovean Mrs M McCourt
  2. Rowancrest Saphira B 03/11/06 Br Mrs D Rowan Milesend Midnight Force - Dunbeck Summer Storm at Rowancrest Mrs D Fisher
  3. Eljetia Bee My Valentine D 14/02/07 br Mrs J Parkes Ch Laparo By DEsign - Ch Eljetia Queen Bee Mrs M F Deveson
  4. Pepperhill Winter Dream B 25/11/06 Br Exb Milesend Nightforce - Pepperhill Fire and Ice Mrs M & Miss S Daniells & Taylor
  5. Bleatarn Cillas Dream B 13/12/06 br Ehb Int Ch Lundecochs Xit From Hell - Myriehewe Cilla Blue At Bleatarn Mr C D Rule
JUNIOR BITCH - 14 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Ellenyorn Heaven Sent B 24/10/06 Br Exb Ch Japaro By Design - Ellenyorn Special Promise Mr A Elder
  2. Bleatarn Midnight Whispers B 29/11/06 Br Rule Milesend Nightforce - Bleatarn Silver Whispers Mrs N Barrett
  3. Maryville Summer Storm D 28/05/06 br Mr J H P Hughes Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Maryville Northern Star Misse S & F Berry & Mr J H P Hughes
  4. Shellthorn Starlight B 14/10/06 Br Exb Shellthorn Bobby Joe sat Slikhope - Shellthorn Lavender Blue Mrs S M Martin
  5. Samphrey Soul Diva B 06/08/06 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW - Felthorn Inkling for Samphrey Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
YEARLING BITCH - 16 Entries 7 Absent
  1. Baishel a Reason to Dream JW B 10/03/06 be Exb Myriehewe Night Sky - Ch Baishel Follow the Dream Miss D Bartholomew
  2. Auldlyn Beautiful Dreamer with Dunbrae B 18/02/06 Br Mr & Mrs Bathurst Penrave Perfect Royal - Dunbrae Dream of Wishes Mrs K M Shovelton
  3. Shemist Summer Sunset B 10/11/05 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Shemist Sunset Class Mrs S Stock
  4. Samphrey Song Bird B 0103/06 Br Exb Mohnesee Band Master JW - Samphrey Scotch Mist Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
  5. Evad Sommer Blossom of Lochkaren B 31/03/06 Br Weller Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Evad Sandie Shore Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 20 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Molson Midsomernite's Dream B 08/08/04 br Exh Ch Orean Rainbow Warrior - Molson Midwitch Cuckoo Dr J Hill
  2. Penrave Princess Royal JW B 21/02/05 Br Exh Penrave Perfect Royal - Evad Pearl Shadows Mrs J Scott
  3. Tolarock Mumma Mia B 06/06/05 Br Exh Int Fin Swed Lit Est Ch Shelgate Midnight Magic - Edglonain Blue Ribbon Ms E Y Parker
  4. Sundark Surprised JW B 10/09/05 Br Exb Malaroc The Master Clown - Sundark Snow Saphia Mrs S Hirst
  5. Rannerdale Blossom Hill At Shandawn B 06/05/04 Br Mrs A Stafford Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster - Rannerdale Sheer Velvet Mr J P & Mrs S Curtis
LIMIT BITCH - 16 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Molson Moonbabe B 03/08/04 Br Exh Rannerdale Moonwalker - Ellenyorn Pipalong at Molson Dr J Hill
  2. Rannerdale Lady Penelope B 28/02/04 Br Exb Ch Degallo the Hustler - Ch Rannerdale Red Vevet Mrs A A Stafford
  3. Mohnesee More Than a Wish JW B 04/03/05 Br Exh Mohnesee Bandmaster JW - Ch Mohnesee Summer Dream Mrs K E Hateley
  4. Evad Magic Amber JW B 10/04/05 Br Exh Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Evad Magic Pearls Mr & Mrs D F Weller
  5. Amethrickeh Snowstorm B 02/11/04 Br Exh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Amethrickeh Eyecatcher Mrs H M Bendelow
OPEN BITCH - 17 Entries 5 Absent
  1. Ch Rannerdale Angel O' The North JW B 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy Floss Miss C Stafford
  2. Felthorn Icicle B 24/05/04 Br Exh Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Ice Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  3. Ardlyn Rosie O'Grady at Iliad B 06/09/01 Br Mr & Mrs N McDade Ardlyn Darby O'Gill - Ardlyn Blue Jade Miss a & Mrs Lycett
  4. Ottaberry Olivia B 29/09/01 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Ottaberry O'Geogina Mrs P M John
  5. Myriehewe Touch Of Gold B 02/05/05 Br Beaden Myriehewe Touch Of Class - Myriehewe Daisy Gold Mr K & Mrs J Mottram

BITCH CC - Molson Midsomernite's Dream

BITCH RESERVE CC - Ch Rannerdale Angel O' The North JW

BEST OF BREED - Daisyway the Mesmerist

BEST PUPPY - Mohnesee Musical Illusion

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