JUDGE - Mr Jack Bispham

No of entries - 179

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MINOR PUPPY DOG - 5 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Shelridge Star Chaser D 05/10/04 Br Mrs C Aaron Shelridge Socrates - Shelridge Starshine Mrs P E P Hannam
  2. Tolarock Rocky Rocket D 08/11/04 Br Exh Francehill Total Eclipise - Edglonian Beroyles Lady at Tolarock Mrs E Y Parker
  3. Amethrickeh Tornado D 02/11/04 Br Exh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Amethrickeh Eye Catcher Mrs H M Bendelow
  4. Lacewood So Special D 01/01/05 Br Exh Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Lacewood Star Enchantress Mr S & Miss L Z Vidak
  5. Rainelor Runabout of Ellenvonne D 07/10/04 br Mrs G Partridge Blenmerrow Barnaby - Rainelor Ruby Rose Miss H & James, Miss Z Warner
PUPPY DOG - 4 Entries 0 Absent

  1. Mohnesee Time Keeper D 04/09/04 Br Exh Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Mohnesee Time to Believe Mr & Mrs R Greenhill
  2. Valjon Light in the Darkness D 02/09/04 br Exh Lirren Footlight at Auberswell - Prepare to Bedazzled at Valjon Mr J & Mrs V A Woolley
  3. Shelridge Star Chaser D 05/10/04 Br Mrs C Aaron Shelridge Socrates - Shelridge Starshine Mrs P E P Hannam
  4. Forestland Rising Sun D 21/09/04 Br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Forestland Morning Glory Mrs R Marshall
JUNIOR DOG - 9 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Lythwood Sacha D 16/06/04 br Exb Ch Lythwood Shalako - Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon Mr D Rigby
  2. Apsledene Mystic Sky D 01/04/04 Br Mrs J Wyckes Apseldene Mystic Star - Evad Clouded Sky Mrs t & Miss K Smithson
  3. Karmidale Hazy Dreams D 05/06/04 Br Costello Shelridge Socrates - Edglonian Gold at Karmidale Mr & Mrs D Fitzwater
  4. Auberswell Hot Fudge D 09/02/04 br Exb Lirren Footlight of Auberswell - Apsledene Orange Blossom of Auberswell Mrs D & Mrs J Farley & John
  5. Mendipmist Summer Knight D 06/06/04 br Exh Blenmerrow Rum & Black at Arlanvic - Mendipmist Rosie Glow Mrs J Bull
YEARLING DOG - 10 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Dukeson Harlequin D 04/08/03 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Dukeson Sheer Fantasy Miss B Straw
  2. Philhope Lady Killer D 04/06/04 br Exb Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Philhope My Fair Lady Mr & Mrs S Pierce
  3. Wyckwood Wizard D 04/12/03 Br Exb Jonygray Black Magic - Wyckwood Blue Topaz Mrs S Price
  4. Nethercroft Lovable Imp at Shatay JW D 24/10/03 br Mrs M Buck Shatay Della's Little Fella - Nethercroft Sweet September Mrs A Shaw
  5. Karmidale Hazy Dreams D - - - Mr & Mrs D Fitzwater
GRADUATE DOG - 16 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Kelgrove Kadiz JW D 16/02/03 Br Exb Marilake Like Gold of Charnico - Kelgrove Matqueen Mrs J Reynolds
  2. Callart the Flamethrower D 01/12/02 Bd Exb Milesand Made of Money - Milesand Flame Dancer from Callart Miss O Gwynne-Jones
  3. Carolelen Causing Chaos JW D 23/07/03 Bd Exb Blenmerrow Barnaby - Carolelen Candlelight Mrs C A Trueman
  4. Felthorn Indelible D 04/06/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Felthorn Indiscretion Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  5. Bleatarn Star Sign JW D 19/03/03 Br Exb Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Bleatarn Silver Star Mr D R & Mrs I A. Rule
POST GRADUATE DOG - 16 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Cresteak Call Me Bond of Fernfrey JW D 30/11/02 Br Ball Fernfrey Lionheart - Crerteak Cover Girl Mrs I V Saunders
  2. Sherkarl Son of a Gun JW D 18/08/01 Br Exb Lythwood Sixsmith - Stevlyns Honey Fudge at Sherkarl Mr D G & Mrs Y L Haensel
  3. Milesand Rambler at Benravia D 04/08/01 Br Miles Milesand Gold Edition - Ch Milesend Dancing Queen Miss M E Benstead
  4. Lythwood Summer Storm at Terriwood D 04/04/03 Br Rigby Moonlight Black Magic - Lythwood Spritzer at Terriwood Mr T Attwood
  5. Daisyway Daydream Believer JW D 16/06/03 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Wendisle Irish Melody at Daisyway Mrs J Charlton
LIMIT DOG - 17 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Shaylin Sun Spirit D 30/05/00 Br Exb Shaylin Spring Edition - Shaylin Winter Sky Mrs l Woodhams
  2. Lindfern Dancing Shadows JW D 14/11/00 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW- Neraklee Flame Dancer at Lindfern Mrs L S French
  3. Seavall Benedict at Neraklee D 23/05/01 Br Mrs J Hardman & Mr Robinson Stanmer Purple Emporer - Hillhead Blue Dawn Mrs K L Payne
  4. Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW D 03/05/02 Br Exb Moonlight Black Magic - Felthorn Muscari with Mohnesee Mrs K Hateley
  5. Marilake Like Magic D 07/06/00 Br Exb Ch Amethrickeh's Magician - Marilakes Likely Story Miss D M Blake
OPEN DOG - 11 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Shatay Della's Little Fella D 07/06/02 Mrs A Shaw Nethercroft Jonti - Shatay With Love Again Mrs A Shaw
  2. Shaylin Moonlight Echo D 16/11/99 Br Exb Blenmerrow Barnaby - Shaylin Sweet Solitaire Mrs L Woodhams
  3. INT/FIN/SWE/LIT/EST Shelgate Midnight Magic D 15/10/99 Br Uthorn Eastflash Andy pandy - Shelgate Magic Touch Mrs M Axi
  4. Dukeson it's Calvin Klein JW D 14/07/01 Br Miss B Straw Apsledene Versace - Dukeson It's a Wonder Mrs L Fagg
  5. Highbrook Hi Tech D 30/01/01 Br Exb Ch Hartmere Hallmarked - Highbrook Honey Bee Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin

DOG CC - Cresteak Call Me Bond of Fernfrey JW

DOG RESERVE CC - Shatay Della's Little Fella

BEST DOG PUPPY - Mohnesee Time Keeper

MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 5 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Sherkarl What a Delight B 18/11/04 Br Exh Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Sherkarl Confetti and Lace Mr D G & Mrs Y L Haensel
  2. Briggsview Camper Girl B 09/10/04 br Exh Carolelen Causing Chaos JW - Briggsview Pipes of Peace Mrs U Briggs
  3. Amethrickeh Snowstorm B 02/11/04 Br Exh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Amethrickeh Eyecatcher Mrs H M Bendelow
  4. Casheldor Maid to Treasure B 14/10/04 Br Plowman Calambray Castaway - Casheldor Dancing Master Mr R J Harding
PUPPY BITCH - 6 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Mohnesee Sweet Ramona B 04/09/04 br Exh Mohnesee Dreamsmith - Mohnesee Time to Believe Mr & Mrs R Greenhill
  2. Willowtarn Twist and Shout B 22/07/04 Br Exh Ch Keltihope Keynote - Willowtarn Tisane Ms R Crossley
  3. Tighness Three Steps T'Heav'n B 24/09/04 br Exh Shelridge Socrates - Milesand Step into Tighness Mrs L Whittington
JUNIOR BITCH - 22 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Felthorn Icicle B 24/05/04 Br Exh Felthorn Indelible - Felthorn Ice Diamond Mr & Mrs R D Thornley
  2. Evad Sommer Blush of Lochkaren B 06/04/04 Br Br Mr & Mrs Weller Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Evad Sandie Shore Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
  3. Belthorne Catch Me If You Can B 13/04/04 Br Exh Evad Summer Wish for Jotars - Sanajans Venus of Belthorn Mrs M K Eldred
  4. Highbrook Hidden Beauty B 05/06/04 br Exh Highbrook Hi Tech - Edglonian Rather Fancy at Milesend Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  5. Viewdale Special Dancer B 15/03/04 Br Exb Japaro Special Agent - Viewdale Solo Dancer Mr I Isdale
YEARLING BITCH - 8 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Evad Magic Jade JW B 09/09/03 Br Exh Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Evad Magic Pearls Mr & Mrs D F Weller
  2. Stormy Isles Midnight Blue for Pacarane B 23/02/04 br Mrs L Garland Peeriglen Percy - Stormy Isles Summer Wooing Mrs P M Laversuch
  3. Lowick Saffron B 24/10/03 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Milesend Nutmeg Misses M G & M R Forster & Forster Parish
  4. Bralive Fiery Mischief B 05/07/03 Br Exb Glensanda Garfunkel - Brettsglade Fiery Fantasy at Bralive Mrs M H Godson
  5. Peartbrook Gold N' Ivory B 07/11/03 br Exb Lorainian Golden Reign - Peartbrook Pride N' Joy Mrs J L Sweeney
GRADUATE BITCH - 12 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Edglonian Deroyels Lady at Tolarock B 13/07/02 Br Pearson Moonlighlight Black Magic - Edglonian Blue Ribbon Mrs E Y Parker
  2. Myter Pie in the Sky JW B 20/01/01 Br Exb Felthorn Careless Love - Myter Reach for the Moon Mrs M Thomas
  3. Sundark Silver Sequin B 18/12/03 bd Exh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Sundark Seed Pearl Mrs S Hirst
  4. Shemist Sunset B 21/08/02 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summerspell - Shemist Midnight Mrs S Stock
  5. Stormy Isles Midnight Blue for Pacarane B 23/02/04 br Mrs L Garland Peeriglen Percy - Stormy Isles Summer Wooing Mrs P M Laversuch
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 12 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Tesoro Solar Star B 22/05/02 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Tesoro Star Turn Miss R Allan
  2. Lythwood Scarlet Ribbon B 04/04/03 Br Exb Moonlight Black Magic - Lythwood Spritzer Mr D Rigby
  3. Shelridge Made You Laugh with Mistmere B 04/12/02 Br Mrs C Aaron Malaroc Master Clown - Shelridge Chasing Rainbows Mrs S E Harries
  4. Callart the Glowing Flames B 01/12/02 Br Exb Milesand Made of Money - Milesand Flame Dancer from Callart Miss O Gwynne-Jones
  5. Dynamiles Cinnabarina B 18/05/00 Br Exb Milesend Highlander at Dynamiles - Milesend Raindrop Mrs D Miles
LIMIT BITCH - 13 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Katiedale Sugar N Spice B 01/07/01 Br Exb Ch Myriehewe Entrepreneur JW - Katiedale First Bloom Miss C A Nabbs
  2. Burnmist Storm Lily of Milesend B 29/05/03 Br Mr & Mrs & MissMetson Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Burnmist Darling Daisey Mrs J Miles
  3. Keltihope Pride'n Joy B 08/10/00 Br Exb Ch Lirren That's Magic - Kelthope Sweet 'n Simple Mrs J P Chaplin
  4. Stanydale Ginger Spice B 04/02/01 Br Exb Stanydale Challenger - Stanydale Jive Talk Mrs P A & Mrs M C Stow & Withers
  5. Rannerdale Royal Flush B 12/07/00 Br Exb Ch Mohnesee the IIlusionist - Ch Rannerdale Red Velvet Mrs A A Stafford
OPEN BITCH - 13 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Eljetia Crystal Queen B 01/10/03 Br Parkes Shelridge Socrates - Ch Milesend Storm Queen Mrs J Miles
  2. Francehill Maid of Ice B 04/04/02 Br Exb Edglonian Captain Marvel - Ch Francehill Willow Pattern Mrs M Norman
  3. Shelridge Sunshimmer JW B 29/11/99 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Shelridge Hope Springs Mrs C Aaron
  4. Shetlo Island of Dreams B 22/06/01 Br Exh Exbury Icon - Shetlo Pocketful of Dreams Mrs D H Moore
  5. Myter Almost An Angel B 26/11/98 Br Exh Ruscombe Play the Piper - Jalanick Silver Moon at Myter Mrs M Thomas

BITCH CC - Katiedale Sugar N Spice

BITCH RESERVE CC - Eljetia Crystal Queen

BEST BITCH PUPPY - Mohnesee Sweet Ramona

BEST OF BREED - Katiedale Sugar N Spice

BEST PUPPY - Mohnesee Time Keeper

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