CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 25th October 2003

Number of Dogs Entered - 149


JUDGE - Mrs J Fitzsimons

List prepared by "TonyBridge@shelties.co.uk"

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner - Owner's Initials

MINOR PUPPY DOG - 9 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Lianbray Logo D 24/01/03 Br Exb Moonlight Black Magic - Lianbray Limited Edition Mrs G Bray
  2. Chandling Ebony Chips D 18/02/03 Br Exb Blenmerrow Barnaby - Chelmarsh Wild Crystal Mrs M B Chandler
  3. Amethrickeh Mirod Image via Melneg B 09/04/03 Br Mrs H Bendelow Ch Mohnesee The Illusionist - Amethrickeh Mirror Image Mr M & Mrs F Garvey
  4. Kamarlee Hidden Sky at Oakcroft D 02/03/03 Br Mrs A Bridge Blenmerrow Barnaby - Kerrydaw Kumara of Kamarlee Mrs V Winfield
  5. Petanvale Phantom Illusion D 04/04/03 Br Exb Ch Mohnessee The Illusionist - Petanvale Mona Pugh Mr P & Mrs A Healey
PUPPY DOG - 11 Entries 4 Absent

  1. Cresteak Call Me Bond of Fernfrey D 30/11/02 Br Ball Fernfrey Lionheart - Crerteak Cover Girl Mrs I V Saunders
  2. Sterndale Moon Illusion at Amethrickeh D 19/11/02 Br Morson Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Amethrickeh Red Moon at Sterndale Mrs H M Bendelow
  3. Mohnesee Bandmaster D 31/12/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Mohnesee Make Believe JW Mr & Mrs R Greenhill
  4. Ferriemere Fancy Free D 22/12/02 Bd Exb Shelridge Socrates - Ferriemere Fancy That Mrs J A Ferris
  5. Samphrey Shadow Man D 11/12/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Samphrey Scotch Mist Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
JUNIOR DOG - 5 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Rannerdale Ghost Buster D 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy floss Mrs A A Stafford
  2. Shatay Della's Little Fella D 07/06/02 Br Exb. Nethercroft Jonti - Shatay With Love Again Mrs A Shaw
  3. Japaro Shotgun of Lockaren JW D 17/05/02 Br Mr & Mrs Nixon Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Japaro Satin N Lace Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
  4. Highbrook Harlequin D 29/05/02 br Exb Highbrook High-Tec - Herds Heliotrope Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  5. Bordercot About Turn D 24/09/02 Br Exb Francehill Turnabout - Culltivating a Secret Bordercot Mrs R Brady
POST GRADUATE DOG - 15 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Goldwell Celtic Warrior D 09/02/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Goldwell Magical Velvet Mr K & Mrs J Biswell
  2. Marilake Like Magic D 07/06/00 Br Exb Ch Amethrickeh's Magician - Marilakes Likely Story Miss D M Blake
  3. Lirren Footlight at Auberswell D 14/12/99 Br Mrs L French Forestland Footman - Lirren Highlight Mesdames D & G Farley & John
  4. Shenachie Starling D 07/05/01 Br Exb Forestland Fenman - Shenachie Skylark Mrs K Main
  5. Baishell Catch the Dream D 13/04/01 Br Exb Faradale Fugitive - Baishel out of the Blue Miss D Bartholomew
LIMIT DOG - 13 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Jacquard You give me Fever JW D 15/07/01 Br Exb Ch Milesend Storm Warden - Jacquard on Approval Mrs P C East
  2. Forestland the Countryman JW D 13/04/01 Br Exb Exbury Icon - Forestland Line Dancer Mrs R Marshall
  3. Highbrook Hi Tech D 30/01/01 Br Exb Ch Hartmere Hallmarked - Highbrook Honey Bee Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  4. Cheryldene Augustus D 15/08/99 Br Exh Duchessnay Raindancer - Crownacre Christine of Cheryldene Miss C E Locket
  5. Exbury Icon D 11/12/96 Br Exh Exbury Busker - Exbury Gold Coin Mrs K Chapman
OPEN DOG - 11 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Lythwood Spin Doctor D 09/04/00 Br Exb Ch Lythwood Steptoe - Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel Mr D Rigby
  2. Iliad Imagemaker D 19/07/96 Br Exh Ch Keltihope Keynote at Malaroc - Forestland Wishing Moon Mrs J & Miss A Lycett
  3. Petanvale Red Robin JW D 29/05/99 Br Exb Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Petanvale Mona Pugh Mr P & Mrs A Healey
  4. Milesand Made of Money D 30/07/01 Br Miles Milesand Storm in Norman - Milesand Stormdance Miss M Davis
  5. Ellenyorn Whispering Smith at Bleatarn D 05/05/99 Br Exh Sommerville Smithson - Ellenyorn Star Shine Mr C Rule




MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 14 Entries - 2 Absent
  1. Ketim Kizmet B 22/03/03 Br Exb Ch Milesend Stormwarden - Myter Rainbows End Mrs R Morrison
  2. Degallo Look at Me B 01/02/03 Br Exb Ch Degallo the Hustler - Degallo Sunstreak Mr H M Scott
  3. Dippersmoor Devon Delight B 25/02/03 Br Exb Exbury Impulsive of Reubicia - Dippersmoor Dawdle Mrs B J Tunnicliffe
  4. Evad Sandie Shore B 25/01/03 Br Exb Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Making Waves - Evad Sweet Sommer atSherbondale Mr & Mrs D F Weller
  5. Viewdale Jazz Dancer B 14/04/03 Br Exb Mohnessee Dreamsmith - Viewdale Show Dancer Mr I Isdale
PUPPY BITCH - 14 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Paulhayes Dellan Isle B 22/01/03 Br Exb Exbury Marcus - Paulhayes Orlan Isle Mrs P Batten-Jones
  2. Shenachie Ruby Tiger B 01/12/0 Br Exb Shenachie Starling - Shenachie Swallow Tail Mrs K A Main
  3. Janetstown Jeana B 05/11/02 Br Exb Blenmerrow Rum and Black at Arlanvic - Janetstown Josephina Mrs J Moody
  4. Samphrey in the Shadows B 11/12/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Samphrey Scotch Mist Mr S & Mrs D Gruszka
  5. Cresteak Claudia Chiffon B 30/11/02 Br Exb Fernfrey Lionheart - Cresteak Cover Girl Mr C & Mrs W Ball
JUNIOR BITCH - 7 Entries 4 Absent
  1. Rannerdale Royal Velvet B 15/10/02 Br Exb Ch Evad Summer Shadow - Ch Rannerdale Red Velvet Mrs A A Stafford
  2. Peerieglen Pearl B 14/09/02 Br Exb Peeriglen Percy - Peeriglen Pandora JW Mrs J Diment
  3. Mohnesee Miss Maria B 29/04/02 Br Hateley Harbour Master at Felthorn - Ch Mohnesee Summer Dream Miss m Luto
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 19 Entries 10 Absent
  1. Philhope Perfect Lady JW B 10/08/01 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Philhope my Fair lady Mr & Mrs S Pierce
  2. Rannerdale Angel of the North B 01/07/02 Br Exb Rannerdale Royal Magician - Rannerdale Candy Floss Mrs A A Stafford
  3. Ericsway Friend of a Friend B 20/06/01 Br Mounsey Abuela Rupert the Bear - Janetstown in a Jiffy Mrs M Haigh
  4. Ellenyorn Pipalong at Molson B 05/08/00 Br Mr A Elder Degallo the Rustler - Ellenyorn Star Shine Dr J Hill
  5. Cresteak Cherie Amour JW B 05/10/00 Br Exb Cresteak Celtic Prince - Cresteak Cleopatra Mr C & Mrs W Ball
LIMIT BITCH - 22 Entries 5 Absent
  1. Evad Sweet Sommer at Shebondale B 26/02/99 Br Mr & Mrs D F Weller Sommerville Smithson - Evad Cream Peach Miss T A Leader
  2. Amethrickeh Red Moon at Sterndale B 21/11/00 Br Mrs H Bendelow Herds Hunters Moon - Rowancrest Rebecca at Amethrickeh Mrs K Morson
  3. Milesand Spinning Jenny B 09/05/01 Br Exh Milesand Storn-in-Norman - Ch Milesend Dancing Along Mrs J Miles
  4. Myter Reach For The Moon B 04/07/00 Br Exb Penrave Phyilstar - Myter Almost an Angel Mrs M Thomas
  5. Philhope First Lady JW B 10/08/01 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Philhope my Fair Lady Mr & Mrs S Pierce
OPEN BITCH - 15 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Ch Milesend Dancing Queen B 30/06/95 Br Exh Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick - Ch Milesend Dancing Along Mrs J Miles
  2. Lambada Let's Party At Shelridge B 24/02/98 Br Mcoann-Trigg Shelridge Flashdance - Lambada Linda Mesdames R & C Morrison & Aaron
  3. Ch Forestland Line Dancer B 10/07/98 Br Exh Milesend Dancing Major - Forestland Country Singer Mrs R Marshall
  4. Myter Almost An Angel B 26/11/98 Br Exh Ruscombe Play the Piper - Jalanick Silver Moon at Myter Mrs M Thomas
  5. Ch Rannerdale Red Velvet B 15/06/97 Br Exh Orean Rainbow Warrior - Rannerdale Miss Angelica Mrs A A Stafford






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