5 Bath Championship Show - 26th May 2003



Number of Dogs Entered - 141


JUDGE - Mrs Barbara Thornley

List prepared by "TonyBridge@shelties.org.uk"

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, this list is prepared for friends who are interested in show results and I sometimes may make mistakes.

The layout of these results are in the usual format that the majority of the show catalogues use
i.e. - Dogs Name - Sex - Date of Birth - Breeder - Sire - Dam - Owner - Owner's Initials

MINOR PUPPY DOG - 11 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Milesend Blue Fox D 13/11/02 Br Exb Blenmerrow Barnaby - Rockaround Blue Skies Mrs J Miles
  2. Lindfern Foxtrot to Neraklee D 20//11/02 Br French Shelridge Socrates - Neraklee Flamedancer at Lindfern Mrs K Payne
  3. Sundark Special Agenda D 16/10/02 Br Exb Hanbury Huckleberry at Shebavilee - Sundark Silver Duchess Mrs S Hirst
  4. Sterndale Magic Moon at Santiara D 19/11/02 Br Morson Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Amethrikeh Red Moon at Sterndale Ms D Huntley
  5. Shadypine River of Gold to Cromarty D 11/11/02 Br White Ch Springcrest Lucky Titus from Willowtarn - Tesoro Gold Band at Shadypine Miss C S Croman
PUPPY DOG - 8 Entries 1 Absent

  1. Edglonian Impossible Dream D 27/05/02 br Exh Ch Milesend Storm Warden - Ch Edglonian Miss Sophisticated Miss D & The Late Mr R Pearson
  2. Lorainian Golden Reign D 18/08/02 Br Mrs L Paterson Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Rannerdale Magic Dust to Lorainian Mrs P Wade
  3. Exbury Oberon D 21/06/02 Br Exb Mendipmist Heatwave - Exbury Gold Coin Mrs K Chapman
  4. Calambray Camino at Shelridge D 04/04/02 Br C Perkins Shelridge Flashdance - Calambray Candle in the Wind Mrs C Aaron,
  5. Sterndale Magic Moon at Santiara D 19/11/02 Br Morson Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Amethrikeh Red Moon at Sterndale Ms D Huntley
JUNIOR DOG - 12 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Mohnesee Mr Palmer D 03/05/02 Br Exb Moonlight Black Magic - Felthorn Muscari with Mohnesee Mrs K Hateley
  2. Highbrook Harlequin D 29/05/02 br Exb Highbrook High-Tec - Herds Heliotrope Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  3. Willow Tarn Toaki D 20/03/02 Br mrs R Crossley Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Willow Tarn takes the Biscuit Mrs R E Crossley
  4. Jontygray Black Magic D 08/01/02 Br Exb Blenmerrow Barnaby - Eiraed Monnflower of Jontygray Mrs S Atkins
  5. Sherkarl Touch of Light D 09/05/02 Br Exb Lirren Footlight at Auberwell - Sherkarl Confetti and Lace; Mr D G & Mrs Y L Haensel
NOVICE DOG - 2 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Lynard Wild Bramble D 03/09/01 Br Exb Lynard Liquorice Comfort - Lynard Country Girl Mr D G & Mrs L Webber
  2. Sterndale Moon Illusion of Amethrickeh D 19//111/02 Br Morson Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Amethrikeh Red Moon at Sterndale Mrs H M Bendelow
GRADUATE DOG - 4 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Jacquard You give me Fever JW D 15/07/01 Br Exb Ch Milesend Storm Warden - Jacquard on Approval Mrs P C East
  2. Japaro Shotgun of Lockaren D 17/05/02 Br Mr & Mrs Nixon Ch Lythwood Sixsmith - Japaro Satin N Lace Mr & Mrs K F Mottram
  3. Lirren Footlight at Auberswell D 14/12/99 Br Mrs L French Forestland Footman - Lirren Highlight Mesdames D & G Farley & John
  4. Sherkarl Son of a Gun JW; D 18/08/01 Br Exb Lythwood Sixsmith - Stevlyns Honey Fudge at Sherkarl Mr D G & Mrs Y L Haensel
POST GRADUATE DOG - 9 Entries `1 Absent
  1. Forestland the Countryman D 13/04/01 Br Exb Exbury Icon - Forestland Line Dancer Mrs R Marshall
  2. Edglonian the Real McCoy D 28/03/01 Br Exb Edglonian Strolling Nomad - Ch Edglonian Miss Sofisticated The Late Mr J R & Miss D Pearson
  3. Lythwood Spin Doctor D 09/04/00 Br Exb Ch Lythwood Steptoe - Ch Lythwood Stage Wispa at Tegwel Mr D Rigby
  4. Amethrickeh in Ash D 24/05/00 Br Exb Hillhead Blue Shadow - Myriehewe Perhaps at Amethrickeh Mrs H M Bendelow
  5. Coneypark Cantering D 13/01/01 Br Exb Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Coneypark Ciri Mrs S M Beeney
LIMIT DOG - 12 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Lindfern Dancing Shadows JW D 14/11/00 Br Exb Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW- Neraklee Flame Dancer at Lindfern Mrs L S French
  2. Milesend Made of Money D 30/07/01 Br Mrs J Miles Milesend Storn in Norman - Milesend Storm Dance Miss M Davis
  3. Peerieglen Percy D 04/12/99 Br Exb Ch Forestland Emporer Moth - Stanmer Black Iris of Peerieglen Mrs J Diment
  4. Malaroc the Muscian D 26/08/99 Br Exb Willow Tarn Tried and True - Malaroc Maid of Dance Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  5. Highbrook Hi Tech D 30/01/01 Br Exb Ch Hartmere Hallmarked - Highbrook Honey Bee Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
OPEN DOG - 9 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW D 23/03/01 Br Exb Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow - Seavall Truthful about Shelridge Mrs C Aaron
  2. Malaroc The Master Clown D 01/06/00 Br Exb Ch Iliad Idiot's Delight - Ch Malaroc Melting Tears Mr & Mrs B Roberts
  3. Highbrook Havoc D 28/10/97 Br Exh Ch Milesend Storm Warden - Highbrook Hyjinnee Mr K & Mrs L A Goodwin
  4. Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren D 20/03/00 Br Mr J R Pearson Milesend Stroller - Edglonian Rather a Dark Glow Mr & Mrs K Mottram
  5. Ellenyorn Whispering Smith at Bleatarn D 05/05/99 Br Exh Sommerville Smithson - Ellenyorn Star Shine Mr C Rule
VETERAN DOG - 4 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Stormhead Just Blue D 26/10/93 Br Mr C E Rutterford Stormhead Ebony Warrior - Stormhead Blue Pearl Miss J C Rutterford
  2. Perrie Appletizer of Kimarg D 27/07/95 Br J Wheeler Kimarg Likely Lad - Magical Enchantress Mr & Mrs J Whitfield
  3. Burnmist Danny The Playboy D 12/03/95 Br Exh Marklin Wild Sprite - Kyleburn Black Centaury at Burnmist Mr D Mrs A & Miss A Metson




MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 11 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Briggsview Moondust over Coneypark B 29/08/02 Br Mrs Briggs Blenmerrow Barnaby - Briggsview April Dreamer Mrs S M Beeney
  2. Seavall Smartie D 01/11/02 Br Exb Seavall Seamus - Seavall Striking Class Mrs & Mr Hardman & Robinson
  3. Peerieglen Pearl B 14/09/02 Br Exb Peerieglen Percy - Peerieglen Pandora Mrs J Diment
  4. Willow Tarn Take a Bow B 13/10/02 Br Exb Willow Tarn Take it Easy - Exbury Nutmeg Ms R Crossley
  5. Sundark Stay Trew to Conorvean B 16/10/02 Br Hurst Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Sundark Saphia Mrs M McCourt
PUPPY BITCH - 10 Entries 3 Absent
  1. Amethrickeh Make a Wish B 26/07/02 Br Exb Shelridge Wishmaster JW - Myriehewe Perhaps at Amethrickeh Mrs H M Bendelow
  2. Edglonian Deroyels Lady at Tolarock B 13/07/02 Br Pearson Moonlighlight Black Magic - Edglonian Blue Ribbon Mrs E Y Parker
  3. Peerieglen Pearl B 14/09/02 Br Exb Peerieglen Percy - Peerieglen Pandora Mrs J Diment
  4. Shemist Sunset B 21/08/02 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summerspell - Shemist Midnight Mrs S Stock
  5. Forestland Poachers Memory B 13/06/02 Br Exb Forestland Fenman - Forestland Black Swan Mrs R Marshall
JUNIOR BITCH - 9 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Lirren Night Nurse B 22/05/02 br Exh Blenmerrow Barnaby - Lirren Nitelite Mrs L S French,
  2. Tesoro Solar Star B 22/05/02 Br Exb Shelridge Socrates - Tesoro Star Turn Miss R Allan
  3. Dukeson Hosanna JW B 19/12/01 Br Exb Ch Lirren That's Magic - Dukeson Sheer Fantasy Miss B Straw
  4. Peerieglen Porcia at Dynamiles B 30/01/02 br Diment Ch Evad Sommer Shadow - Peerieglen Pasha Mrs D Miles
  5. Mohnesee Summer Rumba B 29/04/02 Br Exb Harbour Master at Felthorn - Ch Mohnesee Summer Dream Mrs K Hateley
NOVICE BITCH - 7 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Shebaville Silk Moth B 12/03/02 Br Exb Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Forestland Peppered Moth at Shebaville Mrs M Mackie
  2. Peerieglen Pearl B 14/09/02 Br Exb Peerieglen Percy - Peerieglen Pandora Mrs J Diment
  3. Sundark Stay Trew to Conorvean B 16/10/02 Br Hurst Ch Iliad Idiots Delight - Sundark Saphia Mrs M McCourt
  4. Tighness Tennessee Waltz B 29/03/02 Br Exb Shaylin Moonlight ERcho - Stornaway Sundance at Tighness Mrs L Whittington,
  5. Clanavon Katwalk Clown B 15/11/02 Br Exb Malaroc the Master Clown - Clanavon Rambling Rose Mrs R Greaves
GRADUATE BITCH - 9 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Idol Charm at Iliad JWB 13/12/01 br Mrs v Thompson Blenmerrow Barnaby - Iliad Isdadored at Glencharm Mrs J C * Miss A Lycett
  2. Myter Pie in the Sky B 20/01/01 Br Exb Felthorn Careless Love - Myter Reach for the Moon Mrs M Thomas
  3. Keltihope Pride'n Joy B 08/10/00 Br Exb Ch Lirren That's Magic - Kelthope Sweet 'n Simple Mrs J P Chaplin
  4. Mellauric Mystic Melody B 17/11/01 Br Exb Blenmerrow Rum n Black at Arlanvic - Amethrickeh Rosie Deer Mrs M A Power
  5. Throcmere Stage Struck for Jontygray B 20/06/01 Br Harmston Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Kelgrove Kristina
POST GRADUATE BITCH - 10 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Kyleburn Aurora B 04/05/99 Br Exb Kyleburn Quickstepper to Malaroc - Kerncarn Crewenna of Kyleburn Mrs M H Eaves
  2. Ardlyn Rosie O'Grady at Iliad B 06/09/01 Br Mr & Mrs N McDade Ardlyn Darby O'Gill - Ardlyn Blue Jade Miss a & Mrs Lycett
  3. Semitar Spicketty at Conorvean B 16/06/99 Br Mr & Mrs E Cushley Semitar Turnabout - Soria Sapphire Mrs M McCourt
  4. Neraklee Inspiration at Abbdanis B 16/11/00 Br Exb Ch Morestyle Monsoon - Neraklee Nemasis Mrs K l Payne
  5. Sundark Snow Saphia B 23/07/98 Br Exh Hanburyhill Huckleberry at Shebaville - Sundark Snow Pearl Mrs S Hirst
LIMIT BITCH - 15 Entries 0 Absent
  1. Baishel Follow the Dream JW B 13/04/01 Br Exb Faradale Fugative - Baishel out of the Blue Miss D Bartholomew
  2. Throcmere Step By Step to Stevlyn JW B 20/06/01 Br Harmston Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW - Kelgrove Kristina Mr & Mrs D Stott
  3. Myter Reach For The Moon B 04/07/00 Br Exb Penrave Phyilstar - Myter Almost an Angel Mrs M Thomas
  4. Jamista Charlies Angel of Calambray B 30/08/00 Br Miss C Dixon Shelridge Socrates - Calambray Forever Dreaming Mrs C Perkins
  5. Milesand Spinning Jenny B 09/05/01 Br Exh Milesand Storn-in-Norman - Ch Milesend Dancing Along Mrs J Miles
OPEN BITCH -12 Entries 1 Absent
  1. Shetlo Follow That Dream; B; 15/1/99; Br Exh; Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge - Ansonshel Gipsy Dreams for Shetlo; Mrs D H Moore,
  2. Janetstown Joyful B 12/04/00 Br Mrs J Moody Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW - Princes Jaquie of Janetstown Mrs K Rodwell
  3. Forestland Line Dancer B 10/07/98 Br Exh Milesend Dancing Major - Forestland Country Singer Mrs R Marshall
  4. Lorainian Silver Ghost of Gylmar B 12/07/99 Br Mrs L Paterson Lorianian Domino Dancer - Gylmar Blue Stratos at Lorainain Mrs M P Jordan
  5. Shelridge Sunshimmer B 29/11/99 Br Exb Ch Shelridge Summer Spell - Shelridge Hope Springs Mrs C Aaron
VETERAN BITCH - 8 Entries 2 Absent
  1. Ch Pepperhill Magic Dream with Mohnesee B 16/10/95 Br Mrs M Daniells & Miss S Taylor Ch Mohnesee the Illusionist - Mohnesee Sheer Magic at Pepperhill Mrs K Hateley
  2. Jalanick Silver Moon At Myter B 12/04/94 Br Mr A & Mrs J Howell Morestyle Black Comet - Ruscombe Silver Dream at Jalanick Mrs M Thomas
  3. Gylmar Dark Enchantress B 11/02/95 Br Mrs M P Jordan Loughrigg Dragonfly Encore - Sylben Lavender Blue of Gylmar Mrs L P Addicott






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