Photographs from

Windsor Dog Show Society

Championship Show

5th July 2009

Photographs taken by
and some views by Celia Woodward

All photographs were taken at the show unless stated otherwise

If any owner/exhibitor is unhappy with these photos please tell me, I can then remove them

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, these pages are prepared for friends who are interested in show pictures and I sometimes may make mistakes

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Dog CC - Shadoway Summer Chance JW Sh.CM
Dog Reserve CC - Lythwood Starlight Express
The Royal Windsor Wheel
View of Windsor Castle from the Wheel

View of River Thames and bridge to Eton

> The Wheel at night

The view from the wheeel over Windsor and countryside is impressive
One of the luxury houses viewed from the river

We had a two hour boat trip along the Thames
Riverside Hotel - Very Expensive!

View of the Castle from the river

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