21st October 2006

Photographs taken by
Tony Bridge

These photos are taken during the challenge for the CC, they are just "snapshots" from the ringside.

Should any owner not like the photo I will remove it immediately.

If your dog's photo is missing it is because the quality of the photo was not good or I was unable to get a good "shot".

The resolution has been reduced (72 pixels per inch) to make a smaller file that will download quicker - if anyone wants to print a picture I can always send a copy of the orignal (787 pixels per inch)

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, these pages are prepared for friends who are interested in show pictures and I sometimes may make mistakes

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Dog CC - Ch Blenmerrow Melveen Making Waves JW

Dog Reserve CC - Japaro by Design

Photo kindly supplied by Margo (Photo taken by Dale Fitzwater)

My photo was not up to standard
Best Dog Puppy and Best Puppy in Show- Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge

Bitch CC - Ketim Kizmet
Bitch Reserve CC - Jacquard Call My Bluff

Photo taken by me at Windsor 2006
Best Bitch Puppy

Photo kindly supplied by Margo - I was unable to "get her" at the show
Margaret Norman receiving a Presentation Trophy from Dick Thornley for her long service to the committee of the Club - Margaret has now retired.
Part of the gardens at The Wood Green Animal Centre
This wind generator is a well known landmark for Wood Green

(The mobile phone mast is a recent addition!)

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