31st October 2004

Photographs taken by
Tony Bridge

The resolution has been reduced (72 pixels per inch) to make a smaller file that will download quicker - if anyone wants to print a picture I can always send a copy of the orignal (787 pixels per inch)

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, these pages are prepared for friends who are interested in show pictures and I sometimes may make mistakes

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Dog CC and Best of Breed

Int/Mex/Ger/Swiss/VDH Ch Xanthos-Black of Silver-Shadow
(Photo taken at Mid Western)
Dog Res CC

Shatay Della's Little Fella
Best Dog Puppy

Auberswell Hot Fudge
Bitch CC

Ch Baishell Follow the Dream
Reserve Bitch CC

Edglonian Miss Glamorous
Best Bitch Puppy

Glensanda Genevieve

An unusual exhibitor!!!!!!!

With the permission of the judge this exhibitor raised 90 for sheltie rescue

Who is it? - One of the A--------h team

Ancient High House, High Street, Stafford
Built in 1595

Time for tea in Stafford

We can now bring the garden fence for our caravans !

It was a bit muddy on the caravan site!

Rainbow over Stafford - view from the Castle

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