14th October 2004

Photographs taken by
Tony Bridge

The resolution has been reduced (72 pixels per inch) to make a smaller file that will download quicker - if anyone wants to print a picture I can always send a copy of the orignal (787 pixels per inch)

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, these pages are prepared for friends who are interested in show pictures and I sometimes may make mistakes

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Best Dog

Highbrook Havoc
(Photo taken at SKC Champ Show 2004)
Best Bitch

Ch Baishell Follow the Dream
(Photo taken at Bath Champ Show 2003)
Camp site flooded on Wednsday
The day after!
Camp site flooded on Wednsday

The day after!

Our dogs having a treat in the van - they are normally restricted to their kennel at the rear of the van!

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