8th September 2002

Photographs taken by
Tony Bridge

All Photographs taken at the show unless stated otherwise

The resolution has been reduced (72 pixels per inch) to make a smaller file that will download quicker - if anyone wants to print a picture I can always send a copy of the orignal (266 pixels per inch)

May I please make a disclaimer for any errors, these pages are prepared for friends who are interested in show pictures and I sometimes may make mistakes

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Photo of a Dog DOG CC and Best of Breed

Mistmere Windstorm
Photo of a Dog DOG Res. CC

Ottaberry Onliner
Photo of a Dog BEST DOG PUPPY

Glensanda Garfunkle
Photo of a Dog BITCH CC

Shaylin Starry eyed at Blenmerrow
Photo of a Dog BITCH Res. CC

Hartmere Hold the Dream
Photo of a Dog BEST BITCH PUPPY and Best Puppy in Breed

Carolelen Call me Madam

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