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This list is not official and is compiled from information in the Kennel Club Gazette and various sheltie club publications, if there are any mistakes please let me know so that the list can be amended -

Kennel Club Gazette - August 2005

17 January Manchester Dog Show Society Mr Keith Mottram Aug 2007
26 January Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club - Open Show Mrs L Goodwin (D)
Mr N McDade (B)
3 February Englishh Shetland Sheepdog Club - Open Show Mrs Margo Nixon (D)
Mrs Carol Trueman (B)
23 February Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs Betty Peach (D)
Mr R A W Searle (B)
Nov 2006
8 March Crufts Mr M Hart (D)
Mrs D Moore (B)
June 06
16 March Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales Mr Andrew Brace (D)
Mrs Barbara Thornley (B)
29 March Scottish Breeds Canine Club Mr Geoff C Duffield June 2007
5 April Northern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs Mary Fallas (D)
Mrs Tracy Gartland (B)
19 April Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Miss Simone Berry Nov 2007
27 April West of England Ladies' Kennel Society Mr Derek P R Rigby June 2007
4 May Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs June Scott (D)
Mrs Ann Wyse (B)
9 May Birmingham Dog Show Society Mr J Aitken Johnston Aug 2007
17 May Scottish Kennel Club Mr David F Weller Nov 2007
25 May Bath Canine Society Mr Hugh McGucken Nov 2007
1 June Southern Counties Canine Association Mrs Sandra Wrigglesworth -
7 June English Shetland Sheepdog Club - Open Show Miss Lisa Petit (D)
Mrs Marion Marriage (B)
7 June Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern Ireland Mrs Anne Latimer Dec 06
11 June Three Counties Agricultural Society - Championship Show - No CC's Mr R P Grice -
14 June Border Union Agricultural Society Mrs Marion Ten Cate Aug 2007
22 June Blackpool & District Canine Society - No CC's Mr J Anderson -
26 June Windsor Dog Show Society Mrs L J Roberts Nov 2007
6 July South Wales Kennel Association Mrs Jenny Martin April 2007
12 July National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society Mrs Carin Akeson (Sweden) Dec 2007
17 July East of England Agricultural Society Mrs Jo Bispham June 2007
19 July Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club - Open Show Mrs J Mayhew (D)
Mrs F Sargeant (B)
26 July Leeds & District Canine Association Mrs Coral Busby Nov 2007
4 Aug Paignton & District Fanciers Association Mrs Peggy E M Bailey Nov 2007
10 August Bournemouth Canine Association Mrs Lisa M Burtenshaw Aug 2007
16 August Welsh Kennel Club Mrs M B Daniells Aug 2007
24 August Scottish Kennel Club Mrs Isobel Elder Nov 2007
30 August City of Birmingham Canine Association Mrs C E Cartledge Aug 2007
6 September Richmond Dog Show Society Dr Jane Hill Dec 2007
13 September Darlington Dog Show Society Mr Hugh Jones Dec 2007
21 September Driffield - No CC's - -
28 September Belfast Dog Show Society Mrs Stella Clark Mar 2008
12 October Northern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club Mr R Grice (D)
Mrs L Whittington (B)
18 October English Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs Christine Aaron (D)
Mr Dave Lambert (B)
23-26 October Midland Counties Canine Society Mr Frank Cane Feb 07
24 October Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs Jane Mottram (D)
Mrs Kath Jeffries (B)
Dec 2006
2 November Working & Pastoral Association of Scotland Mrs Patricia M John Dec 2007
8 November North Wales Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs D Rowan (D)
Mrs D Greehill (B)
Aug 2007
16 Nov Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club Mrs Carol Sandford (D)
Mrs Janet A Ferris (B)
Dec 2007
13 December Ladies Kennel Association Mrs Mary Bathurst April 2007

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